Filmstro Pro V3 Launched – New Audio Engine, Tools, and Improved UI

Filmstro Pro V3 Launched - New Audio Engine, Tools, and Improved UI

Filmstro has launched Filmstro Pro V3, an update to the previous version that adds new features like a new audio engine, a new pen tool, the choice of different soundtrack endings, and automatic music length. Let’s take a look at this latest version!

Filmstro is a British company established in Brighton, UK. The company, which launched the first version of Filmstro in 2016, opened a new way for creators to use music for their videos. The program allowed the user to create their own tailored soundtracks for their videos – opposite to the usual way of doing it. After their previous major update, they released Filmstro Pro V3, a new upgrade to their web-based software for creating soundtracks.

Improvements in the audio engine and the UI. 

While the previous version of Filmstro added improvements to the search speed and user interface, this new version expands its possibilities by adding new tools and functionalities to the engine.

Filmstro Pro V3’s most significant change is the core audio engine, which is now more robust when lengthening and shortening music tracks. Now, we can load a track and set the length to a value of seconds. The engine also incorporates an algorithm that allows users to extend any track in the library while keeping its musical character, and we can let the app adjust the length automatically to the video uploaded.

New tools and an improved IU make the app easier for the user. – Source: Filmstro.

Regarding new tools, a pen tool is now available to establish keyframes for Momentum, Depth, and Power. We can also refine our transitions with the Selection tool, thanks to a menu of preset transitions that speed up our workflow. In general, the User Interface has improved, making it more user-friendly. The sliders are now in their own area that we access via the sidebar. There is also a new music and video object, which makes the editing experience easier. Finally, the audition and latch mode features are more accessible.

You can try Filmstro’s scoring below. Just click play below and move the sliders:

Price and availability

Filmstro is available with a subscription model, and the prices with different options are as follows:

  • YOUTUBER. Perfect for personal projects & social media, for $8.25/month, billed annually ($99/year).
  • PRO. For unlimited online client & commercial work, at $20.75/month billed annually ($249/year).
  • PRO PLUS. For TV, Radio, streaming & theatrical at $41.50/month, billed annually ($498/year).

CineD readers will get 30% off on the lifetime and annual subscription when using the code CINEDV3.

For more information about the new version and how the upgrade process works and affects current subscribers, please visit the Filmstro website here

What do you think about Filmstro PRO V3? Have you used Filmstro for your projects? Let us know in the comments below!


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