The 7 Winners of the Filmsupply Challenge – Enjoy High Quality Stock Footage Trailers

The 7 Winners of the Filmsupply Challenge - Enjoy High Quality Stock Footage Trailers

High Quality Stock Footage
Last month stock footage site Filmsupply and Musicbed invited editors to use any of their high quality stock footage and compose enjoyable clips that would impress the judges. Here are the 7 best films that made the race and give you a glimpse of the Filmsupply footage arsenal.

After a month of submissions and judging, Filmsupply have finally announced the winners of their 60-second or less stock footage challenge. Besides the creative, cinematic or funny ideas the editors conveyed, these short trailers and clips are also interesting for people who want to get a feeling of what the Filmsupply stock database has to offer.

I’ve browsed the site several times, but it is not easy to quickly grasp the scope of their catalogue. Some of the clips are high quality stock footage that’s not so easy to find elsewhere, as a lot of the clips are shot on RED and supplied in RAW formats. However, the prices do seem quite steep and are certainly a topic for debate. Until a similar site comes along, I guess we’ll have to be happy that Filmsupply exists and we’ll have to try to shoot some footage they might want to pick up and sell for us.

Here are the winning clips in their respective categories. Enjoy and let us know which one was your favourite in the comments. I must say, the shark piece was a surprise…

Best Ad Spec | ‘Landing it Right’ by Josh Allred

Best Title Sequence | ‘Mercy’ by Tyrone Deise

Best Trailer | ‘Cure’ by Tyler Lambert

Best Concept | ‘More Perfect Union’ by Mary G. Ahlman

Best Color | ‘Sweetheart’ by Pete Ward

Best Sound Design | ‘Imagine Heaven’ by Stephen Gray

Best VFX | ‘Sharkcano’ by Philip Bowser

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