First frame grabs from the Digital Bolex

First frame grabs from the Digital Bolex

Digital Bolex

Things have been very quiet over in the Digital Bolex camp. In March 2012 the Kickstarter campaign kicked up a lot of fuss (pun not intended), promising 2k raw DNG via a camera in form of a Digital Bolex, with a CCD global shutter.

Since then little has been said, and Black Magic has taken to the stage with release of 4 competing cameras. (which ironically are not much farther ahead of Bolex in terms of public release).

Apart from a specification list and clean cut branding, we’ve only had prototype pictures to lust over. Until yesterday when Joe Rubinstein of Digital Bolex posted the first sample DNG images from the camera.

The images can be seen below, taken with a collection of vintage primes (in descending order) a 15mm Elitar Soligor, 26mm Kern-Paillard Pizar AR, and Canon 50mm 0.95.

Digital Bolex 1

Digital Bolex 2

Digital Bolex 3

You can download the .DNG files from the Digital Bolex website.

The images look promising. Sharp, organic like texture. There are some issues that Joe notes:

“The images aren’t perfect of course. The temperature is a little yellow, there is a dead pixel, and some other small issues, but I love the texture of the images. I am so happy with what these images look like for the stage we are at.

Joe’s explanation of the current stages of the camera is refreshing, their transparency as a company is reminiscent of early RED days.

As a recap, here’s what to expect from the Bolex:

2k Cinema DNG RAW Digital Bolex
Global CCD Sensor
24bit 96kHz audio with phantom power via XLR
Enterprise Class SSD
HDMI output
Interchangeable Lens Mount
Removable pistol grip

The complexity of the post workflow versus the cult appeal of the aesthetics provides an offset for the Bolex.  It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up in the current aggressive market for camera bodies.

The first batch of 100 cameras order via the initial Kickstarter campaign is predicted very soon, they should start shipping in August.

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