Flash Sale – Accusonus ERA 4 Standard & Pro Bundles

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Flash Sale - Accusonus ERA 4 Standard & Pro Bundles

Accusonus has just announced a time-limited flash sale for their audio repair & improvement plug-in ​bundles. From now and until the 26th of February 2020, you can get access to the ERA 4 Standard and PRO bundles for nearly 60% off. Let’s take a look at them!


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Accusonus ERA 4

The Accusonus ERA 4 is a one-knob plugin series for filmmakers that want to repair or improve the audio of their projects quickly and easily.

The ERA series of plugins consists of six plugins for the “Standard” version and eight for the “PRO.” They are:

  • De-Clipper: what’s over the limit is usually gone and will sound distorted. The De-Clipper will help you repair and save your recordings.
  • De-Esser: this plugin will smooth out “ess” sounds from your recording.
  • Noise Remover: allows you to reduce/eliminate background noise coming from fans or air conditioning, for example. It is also useful to remove noise that comes in when your recording levels are set very low.
  • Plosive Remover: plosives are “P” and “B” sounds that are usually louder (and distorted) than the rest of the recording. This plugin will allow you to polish and smooth out those sounds.
  • Reverb Remover: this one estimates the reverb from your recording and allows you to reduce it.
  • Voice Leveler: if your speaker doesn’t talk at an even level or in case of involuntary movement, this plugin will adjust the gain of your vocals evenly.
  • ERA D: is only available in the PRO version. It focuses on Denoise and Dereverberation tasks.
  • ERA De-Esser PRO: available in the PRO bundle too, this is a more sophisticated de-essing plug-in.

The ERA plugins concept is that within a plugin, you only have one knob to turn in order to fix your problem. Turn the knob and let it do the job for you until it sounds to your liking.

The ERA 4 plugins are compatible with every NLE and audio software on the market that accepts VSTs. Indeed, you can use these plugins with Adobe Premiere​ CC 2017 (or higher), Final Cut Pro​ X, DaVinci Resolve​ 15 (or higher), Avid Media Composer ​2018.12.

For more information, you can take a look at our in-depth review of the ERA 4 plugins here with audio samples.

Accusonus Flash Sale

From now and until the 26th of February 2020, Accusonus is having a flash sale on their audio repair & improvement bundles, directly on their website. The ERA Bundle 4 Standard retails for $119.00 instead of the $354.00 bundle price. The ERA Bundle 4 Pro is nearly 60% off at $349.00 instead of $952.00.

If you are not sure if the ERA 4 plugins will work for you, you can try them for free directly on Accusonus’ website.


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