FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND – Vari ND Adapter for EF Lenses on FUJIFILM G-Mount Cameras

January 14th, 2020
FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND - Vari ND Adapter for EF Lenses on FUJIFILM G-Mount Cameras

The FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND is a smart adapter that allows you to access the wide range of Canon EF lenses with your medium format FUJIFILM G-Mount camera. Here’s why that’s not as crazy as it sounds.

FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND FUJIFILM GFX100

The FUJIFILM GFX100 and the FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND

For shooters on the  G-mount cameras, such as the GFX100, adapters are a necessary part of the experience. By my count, FUJIFILM has, to date, built 9 lenses for this system. There are third-party lenses as well, sure, but nothing like what you see in even their X-mount lineup. With such slim pickings available natively, the next logical step is to look at using lenses from other manufacturers and mounts.

Meet the FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND

Make no mistake, this is a professional product. It is designed and constructed to fit perfectly and consistently, with an all-metal body and a chrome-plated brass mount. It features their “Fusion” AF system, that allows for full EXIF transmission and control of all electronic functions – including stabilization. The adapter also includes a physical switch that allows you to easily toggle your camera between Medium Format mode and 35mm mode, depending on how heavily your lens is vignetting. They have also helpfully included another switch that moves you from Aperture Priority mode to Program and back again. And of course, the full range of focus is guaranteed – to infinity, and beyond!

But that’s only half of this product. The other half is the built-in Variable ND, which blocks anywhere from 1 to 8 stops of light. This lovely feature is made available because of the difference between the required flange depth of the Canon EF lenses and the much shallower depth of the G mount system. This is similar to what you see in Canon’s EF-R adapters, and I’m very happy to see this feature spreading out to other formats as well. An ND filter between the lens and the sensor will preserve more optical quality. And plus, it is just more convenient than re-mounting every time you switch lenses. We love cinema cameras with built-in ND, and now that feature is slowly becoming available to mirrorless shooters through adapters like the FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND.

Fotodiox Fujifilm GFX lens adapter vignette test FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND

Image Credit: FotodioX

What about Vignetting?

Canon didn’t design their EF lenses for medium-format cameras. The largest sensor they officially cover is Full-Frame, or 35mm. So take it as a default assumption that they will vignette around the edges on a FUJIFILM GFX camera. With the resolution of these medium format cameras, you can probably afford some cropping. But depending on the lens, that might not be necessary. In FotodioX’s tests, which you can see above, the classic Canon EF 24-105 f/4 behaved very differently at either end of its zoom range. Tilt-shift lenses, as well, tend to cover the full sensor. In other words, experiment a little. Don’t count on full coverage, but maybe don’t rule it out either.

So what do you think – does the utility of the EF lineup make this a tantalizing opportunity, or is the FotodioX Vizelex Cine ND just another accessory you didn’t need? Let us know in the comments!

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