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The latest v3.6 update has been released earlier this month, and we had a discussion with Emery Wells, CEO of, about all the latest features. Let’s take a closer look at the new Transfer App, notifications, the Watermark ID system, security improvements, and much more!



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Emery Wells and v3.6 has been released earlier this year and if you missed it, you can read our entire article about it here. During the cinema5D Virtual Show, we had the chance to discuss with Emery Wells about all the latest features, and even get a personalized tour. Here is a quick summary of what’s new in v3.6:

  • Introduction of the Transfer App to download large files, advanced folder structures, or entire projects with just one click.
  • Watermark ID allows you to add text blocks directly over your video file with things like name, date, location, email, and IP addresses.
  • You can now add folders to Review Links, which is easier for sharing assets.
  • For Enterprise users only: the possibility to protect all your sensitive data and review links with Login-only access.
  • A lifting of the Notifications system.
  • The new “Offline Mode” for the iOS apps allows you to make any file available offline. Then, you can review and leave comments that will be automatically synced to your project once you’re back online.
  • A smoother After Effects integration of the extension.
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As Emery Wells states, the Transfer App was scheduled for later this year. Due to the pandemic, pushed the Beta version to the users earlier. This is a sweet and smart move from Emery Wells and a gentle reminder to all entrepreneurs that it’s better to push your product to the public as soon as possible. Even if it’s not finalized, you can get users’ feedback and make it better.

I’ve been using the Transfer App for a couple of days now, and it’s been working well. After you complete a download, the App even makes a checksum to make sure the size of the file you just downloaded matches what’s on’s server. This is brilliant and saves us so much time.

Did you already try the new Transfer App? What do you think about all the new features? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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