Advertisement v3.6 Update – New Features and Transfer App v3.6 Update - New Features and Transfer App has just introduced an update to its world-leading collaborative workflow platform: v3.6. This update features a couple of much-welcomed improvements, including the possibility to download entire folders in one click, a Watermark ID system, an improved notification system, and, most importantly, a new app: Transfer. Let’s take a closer look at it! v3.6 – Folders and Security

First, let’s talk about all the little interface improvements and “small” features in the v3.6 update that makes your life easier. For Enterprise users, you can now protect all your sensitive data and review links with Login-only access. In short, it means that no one outside of your account can access your links.


Login-only access in v3.6. Image credit:

Talking about sharing, you can now add folders to Review Links. When working with multiple talents on a project, it will be easier to share assets. Indeed, once you’ve shared a folder, any changes you make to them in are dynamically updated in your Review link.

Frameiov36_03 v.3.6 folder sharing. Image credit:

Also, once your project is complete, and you want to send it to a client, if you need an extra level of security, you can now watermark your files with Watermark ID. You can add text blocks directly over your video file with things like name, date, location, email, and IP addresses. This is a much-welcomed featured, as editors now don’t have to export a particular watermarked version just for review and protection purposes.


The new Watermark ID feature. Image credit: v3.6 – Notifications, After Effects and iOS

Something that I didn’t like in was the notification system. Indeed, once someone leaves comments, you open a project, and you can get a dozen lines of feedback. As an editor, this is stressful and felt messy, and I think we can agree that we all hate having multiple lines to go through and search for things to change. Now in v3.6, notifications get grouped together. Of course, you can still filter it by “read/unread/done.” It’ll make editor’s lives easier and give you a better overview.


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If you are working on the road, the new “Offline Mode” for the iOS apps will be an excellent addition. In the app, you can tap any file to make it available offline, then review and leave comments. As soon as you’re back online, they’ll automatically sync to your project. This feature is handy, and I can see myself using it on the train or the plane.

Last but not least, for After Effects users, the v3.6 integration should be much smoother. Indeed, you can now render and upload compositions in the background while you continue working on your project.

Frameiov36_05 v3.6 introduces Transfer. Image credit: Transfer App

One of the most significant and most exciting updates of v3.6 is the introduction of the Transfer app. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team sped things up and released the beta version of this new Transfer app, compatible with Windows and macOS, which was originally slated for later this year.

The Transfer app lets you download large files, advanced folder structures, or entire projects with just one click. Until now, if there were multiple folders, you needed to go into each folder manually, select the files, and download them. Those times are over. Also, if you lose your internet connection during a download with Transfer, the app pauses the download and then automatically resumes as soon as you’re reconnected.

You can use EDL or XML to download specific files, which is great for accelerating the process of relinking to original camera files for final conforms, color grading, or sharing assets for VFX.

At cinema5D, we’ve been editing all the cinema5D Virtual Show videos remotely, and we’re using daily. I can’t tell you how useful this new Transfer app will help us speed up our workflow so we can get things done faster.


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Price and Availability v3.6 is already out, and all existing users get this update for free. is an online subscription service that starts at $19 per month for a Pro membership and $49 for a Team plan. They also offer seven days trial version for free.

What do you think about this new v3.6 update? Have you used or similar services during this stay-at-home time in order to work from home? Let us know in the comments below!

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