FUJIFILM Major Firmware Update for X-H2, X-H2S, X-S20, X100VI, X-T5 – REALA ACE Film Simulation Added, and More

FUJIFILM Major Firmware Update for X-H2, X-H2S, X-S20, X100VI, X-T5 - REALA ACE Film Simulation Added, and More

FUJIFILM has released a major firmware update that was already announced at the X Summit Tokyo in February. The update benefits X-Trans V sensor camera users by adding the REALA ACE Film Simulation and better autofocus when using face detection, among other improvements. Let’s take a look at them. 

During the X Summit Tokyo in February, FUJIFILM announced an upcoming firmware update that would add the REALA ACE film simulation to the X-H2, X-H2S, X-S20, X100VI, and X-T5. The update has been released now, and it also addresses autofocus issues. Cameras were giving users false positives when detecting faces, a problem that got worse with the previous firmware update. This new one finally improves the overall autofocus performance in the mentioned cameras.

FUJIFILM X-H2S. Credit: CineD 

FUJIFILM X-H2S firmware update 7.00 

Aside from the REALA ACE film simulation, which, according to FUJIFILM, ‘combines faithful color reproduction with crisp tonal gradations and is suitable for all kinds of subjects and situations,’ the update addresses the problem of the camera focusing on different parts of the face when the AF green box detects the pupil. 

It also fixes a bug that caused the camera to freeze on rare occasions when the shutter button was half-pressed at the same time as the “AF ILLUMINATOR” light metering operation.

Finally, FUJIFILM adds that a ‘minor bug’ has been fixed, but it does not specify which one.

FUJIFILM X-H2 was CineD’s Best Mirrorless for Video in 2022. Image credit: FUJIFILM/CineD

FUJIFILM X-H2 firmware update 5.00

The update for the X-H2 includes the ones mentioned for the FUJIFILM X-H2s and some more:

  • When the camera shake is large during movie recording under the following conditions, black edges will appear on the sides of the screen in rare cases.[Setting conditions]・MOVIE MODE: FHD 16:9・IS MODE (MOVIE): IBIS/OIS+DIS.
  • When the shutter release button is pressed all the way down without pressing it halfway under the following conditions, the camera freezes in rare cases.[Setting conditions]・SHOOTING MODE: CH HIGH-SPEED BURST or CL LOW-SPEED BURST・SHUTTER TYPE: MECHANICAL, E-FRONT CURTAIN, ELECTRONIC・AF MODE: AF-S or AF-C・AF/MF SETTING: RELEASE・SHUTTER AF: OFF
REALA ACE values, based on PROVIA/STANDARD. – Source: FUJIFILM
FUJIFILM X-T5 in silver. Image source: FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM X-T5 firmware update 4.00 and FUJIFILM X-S20 3.00

The updates for both cameras include the REALA ACE film simulation, which addresses the bugs mentioned in the FUJIFILM X-H2s, plus this one:

  • The camera freezes in rare cases while recording a movie with an external monitor connected under the following conditions.[Setting conditions]・MOVIE MODE: 4K 16:9/59.94P・MEDIA REC SETTING: H.264/422 MOV・IS MODE (MOVIE): IBIS/OIS+DIS・HDMI OUTPUT SETTING: HDMI OUTPUT INFO DISPLAY ON
FUJIFILM X100VI Image Credit: CineD

FUJIFILM X100VI firmware update 1.11

The FUJIFILM X100VI, which we reviewed last month, already had the REALA ACE simulation, but it gets the same improvements as the X-T5 and the X-S20, plus one fix for the following issue:

  • The camera freezes when assigning “ND FILTER” to the touch Fn function and runs the Fn function under the following setting conditions.[Setting conditions]FUJIFILM XApp Settings: Record Fn button operation>Activity Record setting of the camera

Price and availability

All the firmware updates can be downloaded for free from the FUJIFILM updates page.

What do you think of this new update for these FUJIFILM cameras? Were you experiencing some of those issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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