F&V K4000 Power – High Power LED Panel – Litepanels Astra Cheaper Alternative?

July 20th, 2018
F&V K4000 Power - High Power LED Panel - Litepanels Astra Cheaper Alternative?

F&V has announced a new set of high output 1X1 LED Panels. The K4000 Power and K4000S Power are a Daylight and BiColour fixture that offer 3 times more power than their predecessors.

What’s New

There are two new 1X1 LED panels from F&V, the K4000 Power (daylight) and K4000S Power (BiColour).

The new 1X1 fixtures focus on redesigning a faster and more efficient accessory line, as well as tripling the light output of previous fixtures.

Both get an updated and improved yolk, that receives both spigot standards; 16mm baby pin at two angles, plus 28mm junior once you’ve remove the tightening pin – nice.

The real USP of the new fixtures is the power. F&V quote the output is now triple that of the previous line (we’ll talk specific stats in a sec).

As well as the extra power comes a new line of accessories.

The KS-1 softbox gets the most mention – not only offering a larger fascia for a softer cast, but the internal reflective walls act as an intensifier that can further increase output when the front diffusion is removed.

Various barn doors, 30 and 45 degree honeycomb grills and some rear modules make up the remaining accessories.

Said rear modules include DMX, Wifi with dedicated controller, and wired dimmer (the one compatible with existing F&V panels).

The F&V K4000 Power is DC powered by V-lock plate (3-stud Gold Mount plate optional accessory) plus there’s the existing dummy V-Lock that adapts to AC.

Good performance for CRI has been continued, so expect decent colour rendition from the K4000 Power. Figures are quoted at TLCI 95-99 (97±2) and CRI 93-97 (95±2).

How Powerful

F&V state the new panels are X3 more powerful than their previous panel, then up to X4 with the KS-1 intensifier.

Here’s the data sheet:

It’s hard to get an idea of what that computes to in real life, so I brought up some info on the industry-standard Litepanels Astra for comparison.

Comparing the output of Astra and K4000 Power at 3 metres (as this is the only distance data both lights have in common), The two new F&V panels sit between the two current Astra models.

When you take into account the F&V panels are around 30% cheaper, this could make them an interesting proposition for sure.

The F&V K4000 Power and K4000S Power are available right now, you can buy them individually but previous lines suggest a 3-set will become available soon. I’ve added links for the KS-1 softbox kit below also.


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 Funky Punky Monkey Junk
Funky Punky Monkey Junk
Member11 days ago

F&V is not a company that anyone, let alone professionals who need reliable equipment, should be trusting with their money or livelihood.

I own one of their EVFs, and after YEARS they still don’t have any documentation for it. Seriously: There’s no manual. And yes, there are enough functions on it to warrant a manual.

It also suffers from ridiculous design and operational defects, which the company has been unable to fix.

But really… no documentation. This puts them somewhere at the bottom of the food chain with Chinese sellers on eBay.

Meanwhile, here’s something to look for in LED (or any battery-powerable) lights: They go OFF when the battery can’t maintain full brightness. This is critical for your production. Do not accept lights that just gradually fade out as the battery dies; you will never know what you’re getting on set. Do not trust your reputation or production to gear like that. Even cheap-ass Neewer lights handle this condition correctly, but some don’t. For example, Dracast.

 F&V Lighting
F&V Lighting
Member10 days ago

Dear Funky Punky Monkey Junk,

Thanks for your feedback. You can find the manual for the F&V SpectraHD 4 EVF online at several places


and our support team is also happy to assist customers to find it or send it to them.

Also every recent F&V product comes with a printed Quick Start Guide.

We totally agree with you how a fixture should react to a battery that can’t provide enough power anymore to reach the output it’s set to. That’s why all of our lights shut off when the battery can’t maintain the set brightness anymore, so that you can always trust your F&V fixture.

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