Glidecam iGlide – ultra compact handheld stabiliser for ultra compact cameras

July 9th, 2013
Glidecam iGlide - ultra compact handheld stabiliser for ultra compact cameras

Glidecam iGlide

Here’s an interesting and slightly overlooked product, the Glidecam iGlide. A handheld stabiliser for compact cameras weighing up to 14 ounces.

It was announced earlier this year, but in anticipation of the Black Magic Pocket Camera released later this month, and off the back of the huge EOS M price cut (last chance today!), ultra compact cameras seem to be flavour of the month.

It works the same way as a conventional glidecam, using a 360 gimbal and counter balancing the weight of the camera with the under sleigh.

The name iGlide and choice of colours make a clear statement as to whom it’s targeted at; the consumer market using ultra compact cameras.

However, with careful lens selection (and it really will have to be careful with some cameras!) it would accomodate a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Sony NEX compacts or the Canon EOS M. Serious users with larger lenses may prefer the Glidecam XR1000, which has a payload of 0.5-3 lb (0.2-1.4 kg)

It’s sure to be a popular device with GoPro owners also, and is currently selling for $150 at B&H, It comes in black, green orange and blue (sorry girls, no pink!).


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GuestAugust 7th, 2013

Just to say that I have had this in my possession for two weeks and am not as impressed as I was when first looking at it in the flesh. My Hague MMC broke (poorly constructed ball and socket) and so this much sturdier looking design caught my eye.

If you wish to see my review, it is here (parts one and two) – and as you can see, there are major problems with the unit that I bought. The one I have is impossible to balance due to the handle acting upon the behaviour of everything else.

I can only hope for Glidecam’s sake that I have a defective product in a thousand – but the fact that these are being given away on eBay would suggest otherwise. Had this been as good as the HD series, then they could have had a massive hit on their hands for users of smartphones and digital compacts.

I feel that this product has been rushed.

Alex G
Alex G
GuestJuly 15th, 2014


I steadycam operator. I have the Glidecam X10 with the HD2000 as sleed. I purchased the new iGlide for my GoPro.
I use my iGlide with my GoPro HERO 3+ BK and the LCD BacPac. I purchased my iGlide in customized for my camera at a TV/Cinema producer in Spain . The mod is add weigth in the top because the GoPro is very light.
I not have a y problem in the calibration with my iGlide and with the GoPro you can make great scenes in music videos or other proyects.
This type of steadycams are designed to use with the two hands.
The iGlide is more stable and easier to use when you are on top of about 14 oz. You can add weight on top so that the sum be 14 oz. You have to use weights that incorporates iGlide. Are essential to adjust the inertia in the rotation axis. If you put more weight in the set you get better results.
Is it possible that your iGlide is defective or a chinesse copy? I have observed that there is much slack in the parts of the iGlide that you show in your review…

Alex G.
[email protected]

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