GoPro HERO11 Black Cameras Announced – Three New Flavors

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GoPro HERO11 Black Cameras Announced - Three New Flavors

New GoPro cameras feature larger sensor, 10-Bit color video, new ultra-wide ‘HyperView’ field of view, HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization, Full 360-degree horizon Lock, and high-performance Enduro battery.

GoPro has just announced three versions of its all-new HERO11 Black camera: HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Creator Edition, and HERO11 Black Mini. All three cameras feature a new larger sensor that delivers the highest resolution, highest 10-bit color depth, highest level of video stabilization, and widest field of view ever featured natively in a HERO camera. Each of the three new HERO11 Black cameras is designed to appeal to consumers in different ways, meeting the needs of their particular use cases.

HERO Cameras Available in Three Flavors

  • HERO11 Black: Featuring GoPro’s signature HERO camera design, durability, and performance, HERO11 Black is set to be the camera more professionals and enthusiasts will turn to.
GoPro HERO11 Black
GoPro HERO11 Black. Image: GoPro
  • HERO11 Black Creator Edition: An all-in-one content capturing device that makes vlogging, filmmaking and live streaming easy with an ultra-lightweight design. It features all of HERO11 Black’s performance plus a long-lasting battery grip with built-in buttons for one-handed camera control and according to GoPro, over four hours of 4K recording per charge. HERO11 Black Creator Edition also includes an optional directional microphone, external mic input, HDMI port for connecting to external displays, a high-output LED light, and two cold shoe mounts for mounting additional accessories.
GoPro HERO11 Black Creator
GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition. Image: GoPro
  • HERO11 Black Mini: A smaller, lighter, simpler version of HERO11 Black that features all of the performance of its bigger sibling. HERO11 Black Mini’s smaller size and simple one-button design makes it a good choice for people who want maximum simplicity.
GoPro HERO11 Black Mini.
GoPro HERO11 Black Mini. Image: GoPro

New Larger Sensor Captures 10-bit Color

The new 1/1.9” sensor delivers 10-bit color video at up to 5.3K resolution at 60 frames per second in both HERO11 Black and HERO11 Black Mini and 27-megapixel photos in HERO11 Black.

HERO11 Black’s new larger sensor also enables 8:7 aspect ratio video for the largest vertical field of view ever on a GoPro. This means you can now capture more of a scene vertically with the ability to crop for different aspect ratios in the GoPro Quik app.

The new sensor also enables HyperView, the widest 16:9 field of view ever native to a HERO camera. Ideal for filming a first-person view of yourself biking, skiing, surfing, motorcycling, and similar activities.

All Three HERO11 Black Cameras Comes With:

  • HyperSmooth 5.0 technology with in-camera 360-degree Horizon Lock to keep your footage steady even if your camera rotates a full 360 degrees during capture.
  • Hyper-immersive, HyperView digital lens delivers the widest angle 16:9 shot ever produced natively in a HERO camera. Plus, GoPro’s SuperView is now available in 5.3K60 and 4K120.
  • Three new Night Effect Time Lapse presets for capturing Star Trails, Light Painting and Vehicle Light Trails.
  • TimeWarp 3.0 now captures at 5.3K.
  • Simpler camera control with Easy and Pro modes. According to GoPro, easy Controls make it easier to record in the best setting for any situation, while Pro Controls unlock every aspect of your HERO11 camera for maximum creative control.
  • Enduro Battery improves camera performance in cold and moderate temperatures, extending recording times in HERO11 Black. Enduro comes in-box with HERO11 Black and HERO11 Black Creator Edition and as a built-in Enduro battery in HERO11 Black Mini.

GoPro Subscription

The GoPro Subscription enables your GoPro camera to auto-upload your footage to your GoPro cloud account with an unlimited backup of all your shots at their original source quality. What’s more, you’ll receive a highlight video of your footage immediately after it’s done uploading to the cloud.

Pricing and Availability

HERO11 Black is available globally today at $399.98 for GoPro Subscribers and $499.99 MSRP. HERO11 Black Creator Edition is also available globally today at $579.98 for GoPro Subscribers and $699.99 MSRP. HERO11 Black Mini will be available at on Oct. 25 for $299.98 for GoPro Subscribers and $399.99 MSRP, rolling out to retailers globally thereafter.

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What do you think about the new GoPro HERO11 camera? Are those announced updates enough to consider getting any of the new cameras? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below


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