GoPro HERO12 Black Launched – HDR Video, Longer Runtimes, Max Lens Mod 2.0, and More

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GoPro HERO12 Black Launched – HDR Video, Longer Runtimes, Max Lens Mod 2.0, and More

The new GoPro HERO12 Black comes with new HDR video modes, up to 2x longer battery runtime, support for Bluetooth audio devices, a new flat 10-bit GP-Log picture profile, a 1/4-20” mounting thread, and more. There is also a new Max Lens Mod 2.0, a new 48” extension pole, and a new Bluetooth shutter remote. The camera can be pre-ordered now for $399.99.

Techtember is here and as with every year, we can look forward to a series of new tech product announcements. Today, the California-based GoPro announced the latest HERO action camera. Every September, the company presents us with a new generation, so let’s look at what the GoPro HERO12 Black brings to the game this time.

GoPro HERO12 Black – more an evolution than a revolution

In my opinion, the new HERO12 Black further refines the set of features that came with the HERO11 last year, instead of offering revolutionary new elements. To be honest, I am okay with that, given the HERO11 is still one of the best action cameras on the market. Take a look at Gunther’s review and comparison of the HERO11 in case you missed it last year.

HERO12 Black action camera. Source: GoPro

The new action camera features the same size 8:7 aspect ratio 1/1.9” image sensor that can produce 27MP photos. The GP2 image processor remains unchanged.

The HERO12 Black does not bring any new framerates or resolutions in the standard video mode when compared with the previous HERO11. The camera still tops at 5.3K 60fps, 4K 120fps, or 2.7K 240fps (16:9 modes) and 5.3K 30fps, 4K 60fps (8:7 full sensor video mode).

The video recording is again available in 10-bit or 8-bit, in H.265 (HEVC) codec with a maximum bitrate of 120Mbps. The camera still offers a variety of smart automatic features such as timelapse, hyperlapse, and more.

HERO12 Black action camera. Source: GoPro

The camera also kept the same weight and dimensions as the HERO11 – 154g, 71.8 W x 50.8 H x 33.6 D (mm). The MicroSD slot and USB-C connector remained the same as well.

New features, longer runtime

So what is new with the GoPro HERO12 Black?

  • GoPro promises the new HERO12 Black will have up to 2x longer runtimes thanks to a redesigned power management system. The camera should now offer up to 70 minutes of continuous recording at 5.3K 60fps (up to 95 minutes at 30fps) with the HyperSmooth 6.0 stabilization on.
  • The camera adds a new HDR video feature. This is available in 5.3K ((16:9) 30, 25, 24 fps, 4K (8:7) 30, 25, 24 fps, and 4K (16:9) 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps.
  • The HyperSmooth video stabilization was improved with an update from v5.0 to v6.0.
  • GoPro HERO12 Black now also supports Bluetooth audio devices, such as earbuds, headphones (including Apple AirPods), and microphones. This can be used to capture better sound when vlogging, narrating a scene, or issuing voice commands when controlling the HERO12 Black from a distance.
  • On top of the 10-bit video color that came with the last HERO11, the new camera can now capture video in the new flat “GP-Log” picture profile that promises to bring more flexibility in terms of color grading. GoPro also released an official LUT for the GP-Log.
HERO12 Black action camera. Source: GoPro
  • The new wireless timecode feature can sync an unlimited number of HERO12 Black cameras for easy multi-camera editing. GoPro claims this works with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and other leading editing apps.
  • If you don’t want to have to crop the 8:7 footage in post-production, there is a new vertical 9:16 capture mode that produces vertical video content when the camera is mounted horizontally.
  • Last but not least, the new GoPro HERO12 Black finally has a 1/4-20” mounting thread at the bottom (on top of the foldable GoPro mount).
GoPro creator pack & 1/4-20″ mounting thread. Source: GoPro

Max Lens Mod 2.0

The first Max Lens Mod from GoPro was announced along with the HERO9 back in 2020. It allowed for an even wider field of view, which was especially handy for POV shots.

The new HERO12 Black now sees the arrival of the new Max Lens Mod 2.0. This lens adapter enables the camera to achieve ultra-wide 177° field of view video clips in up to 4K 60fps (the first Max Lens Mod only worked up to 2.7K). Max Lens Mod 2.0 can capture video and photos in three field-of-view settings:

  • Max Wide
  • Max SuperView
  • Max HyperView (new mode, the widest FOV)
HERO12 Black action camera with Max Lens Mod 2.0. Source: GoPro

According to GoPro, thanks to the 8:7 sensor, the Mod enables perspectives that are 36% wider when capturing widescreen video and 48% taller when capturing vertical video, when compared to HERO12 Black’s standard lens.

Additionally, Max Lens Mod 2.0 features 2x more scratch-resistant glass than its predecessor, along with a durable hydrophobic lens coating that keeps water drops away.

New extension pole and Bluetooth shutter remote

GoPro is launching a new 48” long extension pole that collapses to 10” and is designed to work with HERO12 Black’s new 1/4-20” mounting thread. GoPro mount “fingers” are also included to ensure compatibility with all GoPro cameras.

HERO12 Black action camera. Source: GoPro

Included with the new extension pole is a detachable, wearable, and waterproof Bluetooth shutter remote that can control the camera even when the pole is fully extended. This new remote will be compatible with HERO12 Black, HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Mini, and HERO10 Black.

GoPro Quik desktop app

On top of the Quik app for mobile devices, GoPro will launch a Quik desktop app as well. It will be available exclusively to GoPro subscribers at no additional charge.

As GoPro claims, Quik desktop will include the features of the mobile app plus an expanded list of features and capabilities that take advantage of a desktop computer’s processing power and screen size.

HERO12 Black action camera. Source: GoPro

Quik desktop and Quik mobile apps will sync with one another so that you can start editing a project on one app and seamlessly transition to the other. Quik desktop will be available for Mac on November 1, 2023, and for Windows in Summer 2024.

Price and availability

The new GoPro HERO12 Black can be pre-ordered now for $399.99 (the creator edition with a set of accessories will cost $599.99). The new Max Lens Mod 2.0 is available for pre-order for $99.99 ($79.99 for GoPo subscribers). Both products will be available in stores worldwide on September 13, 2023.

The new extension pole and waterproof shutter remote will be available in October 2023. What do you think of the new GoPro HERO12 Black? Do you think it is worth upgrading from the HERO11? Do you use action cameras for your video work? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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