Half Inch Rails S2 camera support

A while back, at the beginning of HDSLR time, UK based photographer Sam Morgan Moore presented his half inch rails RnG pro rig here in the forum.
The big advantage of this rig was it’s lightweight design, ease of use and affordability.

Now, 2 years later, Sam is back with the Series 2 of his rig. It seems to be very sturdy, simple and rigid, which is a good thing.
With this rig you can use normal 15mm rods or Sams own “half inch” rails.

Sam sells the “simple setup” for £500-£525 EX VAT which is about $850. Shipping not included.
One very interesting setup Sam suggests is the “cine stlye rig” which you can see in the video above or on the last image to the left of this text.
As you can see the camera body is situated at the height of the chest instead instead of the cmareamans head as usual.

Sam told me about his experience of the advantages and disadvantages of this drop rig configuration:
– Very stable because the CofM is below the shoulder so it doesnt want to fall over all the time like most rigs
– works well on sticks too
– maintaining verticals (avoiding keystoning) often the camera needs to drop a little which this configuration helps
– now if you are doing an interview in very close you can look up at the subject – which is not so nice
– so it is very cinematic and less ENG

You can get the Half Inch Rails S2 on

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