Hollyland Pyro S Released – a New Wireless 4K Video Monitoring System for Filmmakers

Hollyland Pyro S Released - a New Wireless 4K Video Monitoring System for Filmmakers

At NAB 2024, we were introduced to Hollyland’s new Pyro series, a wireless video series with a unique Auto Dual-band frequency Hopping (ADH) technology, and had the chance to see the debut of the Pyro H (read more about it here). Now, Hollyland has officially released the second in the series with the rollout of the Pyro S. Let’s have a look at what the series offers!

Hollyland Technology is based in China, and we’ve written about many of their products – for example, the Lark Max All-In-One wireless Lavalier Microphone system, which we wrote about here, and the Solidcom C1 Pro Intercom System here. The company specializes in wireless video transmission solutions as well as wireless microphone systems, and more. Their new wireless video Pyro series will consist of the Pyro H, Pryo S, and Pyro 7.

ADH enables switching between frequencies. Source: Hollyland

A new technology

Hollyland has self-developed 2.4GHz and 5GHz Auto Dual-band frequency Hopping (ADH) wireless technology for the Pyro series. ADH enables the Pyro S and Pyro H to jump back and forth between frequencies according to need. If there is interference on one channel, it will jump to the other. Hollyland states that efficient signal transmission guarantees real-time footage monitoring with minimal latency for the crew. Stable wireless video can be delivered simultaneously to four independent monitors and supports 4K/30fps video transmission at distances of up to 400 meters/1300ft with broadcast mode disabled.

Smooth Mode or HD Mode, depending on users’ needs

Users can choose the best mode for their needs by selecting either Smooth mode (smooth transmission when real-time feedback takes priority) or HD mode (higher image quality at a stable bitrate). Smooth mode delivers a bitrate that continually adjusts to a latency of 50ms for ultra-long-distance transmission, whereas HD mode offers a stable bitrate of 8-12 Mbps at a range of up to 400m/1300ft (line-of-sight).

USB video class streaming. Source: Hollyland

HDMI, SDI, and Loopout

The Pyro series offers USB Video Class (UVC) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). Here are the differences in connectivity between the Hollyland Pyro S, Pyro H, and Pyro 7:

  • Pyro H: offers HDMI Input/Output and Loopout. Users can connect a camera and transmitter, transmit signals to receivers, and simultaneously monitor the view through the loopout port.
  • Pyro S: offers HDMI and SDI Input/Output.
  • Pyro 7: offers both HDMI and SDI Input/Output and Loopout. Users choose the best connection as needed.
Color LCD control display on both transmitter and receiver. Source: Hollyland

Lightweight and portable

The Pyro devices feature a lightweight shell made from aerospace-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy. Both the Pyro H and Pyro S models have color LCD control displays on both the transmitter and receiver with an intuitive user interface and quick access to settings. The Pyro 7 system will include a built-in 7-inch monitor, while the Pyro S and Pyro H display video solely on external monitors. 

Price and availability

The Pyro H is available now for $479. The Pyro S will be released globally today, May 22nd, and is priced at $699. There is no current information on the release or the pricing of the Pyro 7, but we will stay informed! For more information, refer to their website here.

What do you think of Hollyland wireless devices? Did you have a chance to work with any of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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