How to attach the C100/C300 hand grip to your MoVi or Ronin

July 29th, 2015
How to attach the C100/C300 hand grip to your MoVi or Ronin

Here’s a couple of kit tips for anyone looking to use Canon EOS Cinema cameras on gimbal systems like the MoVi and Ronin.

Movi Nano Clamp

I use the Movi M5 with Canon C100 and get asked a lot when posting pictures what I use to mate the grip to the gimbal, so I’ve decided to write an article to show users the necessary components to do this.

The Canon EOS Cinema cameras are fantastic cameras to use on gimbals; compared to other camcorders in their class they are small & light. They also have the ability to remove and relocate the native grip handle providing full control over the cameras functions.

Add to that the advanced Dual Pixel Auto Focus system and you have a fantastic single operator gimbal system.

The same accessories can be used for pretty much any gimbal with a crossbar setup, whether it is one of the Freefly Movis, DJI Ronin etc, applying to both the C300 and C100 (both marks).

You’ll need 3 bits of kit: The Zacuto ENG Grip Relocator, a Zacuto ZUD and a Manfrotto Nano clamp.

Movi Accessories

The ENG Grip Relocator is the core item, it goes between the camera body and grip handle enabling you to extending the reach up to 22”. It’s designed to mount to a pair of 15mm rods, but you can re-purpose its use by mounting to a single 15mm stud (The ENG Grip Relocator can rotate 90 degrees to enable different types of mounting).

Nano Clamp Zacuto ZUDZacuto aren’t the only ones to make 15mm studs. Redrock make the MicroSpud amongst a various others (Small Rigs on Amazon for you UK folk).

I found the ZUDs work best however as they provide a 3/8” thread with adjustable collar to ensure there’s a strong mate. ¼” threads work also, but the larger thread is much more secure.

The Manfrotto Nano clamp receives the thread of the ZUD and connects to the crossbar. I’ve triedNano Clamp Zacuto ZUD 2 and tested this with both Movi and Ronin crossbars; it fits both just fine.

There’s plenty of other ways of doing this, you can play around with Freefly mounts and get the ENG Grip Relocator attaching without the need for the Nano clamp.

However this is the most secure and quick release way I’ve found of doing it; Once setup it’s a two piece item, the ZUD stays permanently attached to the clamp, meaning only a single lever separates them both.

There’s a couple of ways of improving it further. The older ENG grip relocator may ship with a standard lever, in which case you can order the ratchet lever separately (the ratchet lever is pictured throughout this article), enabling you to setup up tension in more confined spaces.

Canon C100 Movi M5

The cable of the ENG Grip Relocator is pretty chunky; it’ll easily influence the balance of your gimbal if you’re not careful.

I’ve found securing much of the excess length via the crossbar helps reduce the wires influence on balance. I do so by use of a ThinkTank Red Whip, these are useful on pretty much every single bit of kit you own one way or another; I’d recommend every shooter own a handful of these.

Canon C100 Movi M5_2

Lastly is a tip I picked up from VidMuze that is specific to the Movi M5 and EOS Cinema Cameras. Switching out the 8” rods to 10” versions will give you more height for the top cage. Without the extra length cameras like the C100 won’t fit on the M5 without removing the top cage altogether.


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Christer J Dahl
Christer J Dahl
GuestJuly 30th, 2015

Hi, read your comment on Philip Blooms timeline regarding the M5. May i ask what sort of problems did you have? How fast did you fly, where were you sitting during the operation? Was it handheld, or tied down with bungees? Was it in gps heading mode? Did you make sure it had proper gps fix before you took off? Have you tried it in a heli after this? Much have happened in the fw the past year….

Peter Nicoll
Peter Nicoll
GuestJuly 29th, 2015

Awesome. I have all those parts already.

MemberJuly 29th, 2015

cool camera also wants to have a

Marco A. Perez
Marco A. Perez
GuestJuly 31st, 2015

Enrique Prian

Andrew Maslen
MemberMarch 6th, 2016

Hi Tim, I know this is an old post, but wondered if you were still using this set up ?
Just looking at something myself for the FS5 and I already have the manfrotto nano clamp but it seems to rotate on the Movi bar. I’m not sure how tight I can go without damaging the Movi cross bar.

Brian Brennan
MemberMarch 6th, 2016

I have a question in regards to the Zacuto adapter.. The link you provided shows the adapter without the male 3/8″ screw. Did you buy a 3/8″ screw to connect the manfrotto to the Zacuto? Was the screw 3/8″ on both sides?

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