IBC 2011: ATOMOS Connect – versatile hdmi SDI converter 249€

September 12th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

Here’s something that you might even find cool if you don’t need it. Atomos, the makers of the famous Ninja harddisk recorder just announced their Atomos Connect converters. These devices can’t shoot your movie, but they can almost do everything else.

Not only do they convert either hdmi to HD-SDI or

HD-SDI to hdmi, but they also offer “continuous power” which means that you can sandwich it between any Sony NP battery (currently used on numerous devices) and plate and this way ensure that the underlying device gets powered even if you remove/swap batteries.

They are also:
– extremely lightweight
– small
– they can be powered from battery or AC
– they provide 3:2 pulldown or insertion
– support 3G HD-SDI (that’s the one that allows a 4:4:4 12 bit 1080p stream)
– have built-in test pattern and audio tone generator
– they’re stackable
– they can handle all the standard speed 1080 formats and 720p50 as well
– and they have a built-in torch (?)

To top this they are only 249€ ($349) and they’ll be available in late 2011.

See the whole press release on the Atomos website.

B&H has provided these exclusive phone numbers for you if you have questions or require assistance:
US: +1 877 502 5839 and INTERNATIONAL: +1 212 465 0114

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