IBC 2011: VOCAS – the wooden handgrip & more stuff

October 16th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

We reported about the Vocas high quality gear rings last month, but I’m not getting tired to see more of their stuff. It might be more expensive than cheaper gear, but what’s amazing about this companies products for me is that their gear is trustworthy, durable and versatile so it will survive the generations of our equipment.

The wooden handgrip is definitely a luxurious product, but it’s so useful as well. I’ve never felt so much control instantly over a camera rig.

The new mattebox is a compact, lightweight solution for large lenses if you don’t wanna take a big Arri or Chrosziel version with you.

And the “shoulder support underneath” as it’s called here brings what the rear end Vocas shoulder pad did over to cameras like the FS100 or F3. It allows the cameras to sit on your shoulder as opposed to in front of your face. So if you’re looking for balance in a rig this is definitely the item that will get you there more easily.

No word on when these things will be available, but it looks like the shoulder support is already in stock.

Prices by Bas Ladru (Vocas):
Wooden Handgrip: about 500€
Mattebox: about 800€ – 900€
Shoulder Support: about 275€

Get more Vocas stuff here

B&H has provided these exclusive phone numbers for you if you have questions or require assistance:
US: +1 877 502 5839 and INTERNATIONAL: +1 212 465 0114

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