IBC 2012 – F&V’s 169€ Ringlight and 1000€ 3-panel lightkit

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Here are two very nice products by a company that makes great stuff for the low budget. F&V manufacturers some great led lights and they are among the few companies that I know actually manufacture their stuff themselves and they have their own US and EU store.

The new ringlight they offer not only has a lot of light output it also incorporates their new milky filter which transforms your multisource led light into a single sourced light. I love that. Some companies are starting to offer these kinds of filters with their LED’s.
The ringlight is 169€ and that’s a bargain.

The other lights O’Conner showed us were their LED panels which they also upgraded with the milky filter. They will shortly offer a 3 panel kit including stands and a bag for 1000€. Nice, unfortunately he didn’t mention that in the video, but I know.

One thing to mention, their lights are cool in terms of ergonomics, build-quality and light output, but their CRI value, so the light temperature is not grade A. While this is not perfect when you’re using multiple different lightsources, I find it very acceptable for the price.

Check out their websites for the details.

US F&V Store: LINK
European F&V Store: LINK

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