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Clayton Burkhart got some answers from Blackmagic regarding their newly announced Cinema Camera with MFT mount:

Will it have Cineform RAW?
Cineform RAW is a licensing issue. They have a relationship and are working on it.

People who have already pre-ordered can change the mount and their place in line will be respected. People who have already received can swap out their cameras no problem. The reason why they have announced at IBC, is to give folks the opportunity to still make the choice.

Higher Frame rates?
Higher frame rates is more of a technical challenge than anything else. They rule nothing out for firmware updates, but there is always a limit to the hardware. Higher frames rates is an issue not just because of the heat generated, but also because the SSD’s cant handle rhe read write speeds. That is a consequence of using an inexpensive non proprietary storage choice.

Why the new mount?
They underline that the choice of an MFT mount was a result of customer feedback. One of the big factors according to some folks at BM in deciding to go MFT, was that a lot of pros were looking for a BCam, so the idea was not only that the MFT lenses were a good fit, but that it also meant ultimate adaptability with so many other lenses out there, especially PL.The MFT version won’t be out from a manufacturing standpoint until Dec. So everyone will have to wait obviously, until then. Dummy mount to begin with, full operability likely with firmware update later. The showfloor version under glass for the moment, is a dummy mount (voigtlander lens in any case).

Pre-order page for the $2995 Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT:

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