iFootage Anglerfish PL1 80C RGBWW and PL1 80BN BLWW LED Panels Announced

iFootage Anglerfish PL1 80C RGBWW and PL1 80BN BLWW LED Panels Announced

iFootage has just introduced its first RGB and bi-color LED panels, namely the Anglerfish PL1 80C and the PL1 80BN. The former is a RGBWW fixture with 7 operating modes, while the latter is a bi-color model with a CCT range of 2,700-6,500K. Pricing starts at $299.

iFootage mainly focuses on offering camera supports and accessories, such as their Spider Crabs system, which is one of the most versatile, yet sturdy magic arm on the market, or their recently-released Cobra 3 Monopod Series.

Last year, the company moved its first steps in the lighting market by introducing the Anglerfish series of COB LED spotlights and pocket lights (our review here). Now, the company is further expanding their lighting ecosystem with two new LED panel lights. So let’s take a closer look at the Anglerfish PL1 80C and PL1 80BN!

iFootage Anglerfish PL1 80C and PL1 80BN – features

The iFootage Anglerfish PL1 series of LED panels consists of two models with a maximum output of 80W. Starting from the PL1 80C, this RGBWW color fixture can produce 36,000 colors in HSI mode and has a 2,700-10,000K color temperature range in CCT mode (1,400-20,000K in Extended Mode). The PL1 80C supports a total of 7 operating modes, including CCT, HSI, RGBW, x,y, Gel, Effect and Music.

iFootage Anglerfish PL1 80BN bi-color LED panel
Anglerfish PL1 80BN bi-color LED panel. Source: iFootage

On the other hand, the PL1 80BN is a bi-color-only fixture whose color temperature ranges from 2,700 up to 6,500K. The panel features an array of BLWW (blue/lime/cold white/warm white) LED chips, which the company claims to be the result of a 5-year research on SSI (Spectral Similarity Index) to provide a spectrum that is as similar as possible to that of natural sunlight.

The two fixtures are 100% dimmable and integrate a number of lighting effects (19 on the PL1 80C, 10 on the bi-color model). The company claims 99 TLCI, 83 SSI (D55), Rf 95 TM-30, Rg 102 TM-30 ratings for these lights. According to their photometric measurements, when using the included diffusion panel, the PL1 80BN can output up to 2,150 lux at a distance of 1m, while the RGBWW model is limited at 1,952 lux.

iFootage's TIR Technology
iFootage’s TIR Technology. Source: iFootage

This level of output is achieved using a proprietary TIR Technology, which focuses the output of each LED chip within a 45° angle. According to iFootage, this allows them to obtain a brighter output without increasing the power draw (100W).

Design, control and power

Both the Anglerfish PL1 80C and 80BN panels measure 351x318x71.5mm in size and weight approximately 2.6kg. The design integrates a removable diffusion panel as well as a set of detachable barn doors.

Users can rely on a variety of methods to adjust light settings. On the back of each light we can find a control panel with a built-in screen, buttons and control dials. Furthermore, the lights support DMX control via USB-C and Bluetooth/2.4G control using the iFootage Lumin app (iOS/Android) up to a maximum distance of 60m.

iFootage Lumin app
iFootage Lumin app. Source: iFootage

The app allows you to save presets, create transitions between different lighting setups, sync settings across devices, manage lighting setups with a scene-based approach and preview the position of each fixture in the shooting environment by uploading pictures of the location.

A good amount of flexibility is also provided when powering the panels. The rear side of each fixture integrates a DC IN connector (15-20V) as well as a V-mount battery plate, while the USB-C interface supports Power Delivery up to 100W. This makes it easier to power the lights when shooting in the field.

iFootage Anglerfish PL1 80C RGBWW LED panel
Anglerfish PL1 80C RGBWW LED panel. Source: iFootage

Price and availability

The new iFootage Anglerfish PL1 80C RGBWW and PL1 80BN BLWW LED panels are now available to order from the company’s website. Both lights are expected to start shipping in June. The official retail price of the PL1 80C model is set at $329, while the PL1 80BN will set you back $299.

For more information, please visit iFootage’s website (PL1 80C / PL1 80BN).

Have you ever used iFootage’s Anglerfish LED lights on set? What do you think of their new  PL1 80W LED panels? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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