iFootage Cobra 3 Monopod Series Introduced – Includes Carbon Fiber Option with Pedal

iFootage Cobra 3 Monopod Series Introduced – Includes Carbon Fiber Option with Pedal

iFootage has just unveiled their latest monopod series, called Cobra 3. It consists of 4 modular camera supports, available in both carbon fiber and aluminum options. They all measure 69cm when closed, have a maximum height of about 180cm and feature a quick-release head. Pricing starts at $129.

iFootage is mainly known for offering a vast range of camera supports and accessories built around speed and efficiency. Their lineup includes tripods, monopods, sliders and camera accessories. Also, in June last year the company even moved its first steps into the lighting world by releasing the Anglerfish LED lights (our review here).

Their new Cobra 3 series is retro-compatible with the existing Cobra 2 family of monopods, but brings significant design improvements that make it a better choice for shooters on-the-go. So let’s take a closer look!

iFootage Cobra 3 monopod series: a family of 4

This new monopod series from iFootage consists of 4 different models: the C180F-P and C180F are built of carbon fiber, while the A180F and A180T have an aluminum alloy. All versions measure 69cm/27” when folded and support a maximum payload of 8kg.

iFootage Cobra 3 monopod series
iFootage Cobra 3 monopod series. Source: iFootage

The main telescopic rod has 4 sections that can be extended up to 180cm/70.8” using either a buckle or twist lock mechanism, depending on the model. For reference, the Cobra 2 series is limited to 120cm/47.2”. If you opt for the flip lock version, then you also get a clip-on wrench tool that can be snapped to the main rod, so you don’t need to carry extra tools.

The iFootage Cobra 3 monopods feature a quick-release mount system
The iFootage Cobra 3 monopods feature a quick-release mount system. Source: iFootage

One of the biggest selling point of these monopod is the quick-release design of their head, which can be rapidly removed by pushing down a locking sleeve and attached back by popping the head in place. The head features a dual-standard screw mount system that is compatible with both 3/8“-16 and 1/4”-20 threads and can also be attached directly to the foldable feet for a low-angle setup.

The position of the foldable feet is adjustable
The position of the foldable feet is adjustable. Source: iFootage

The major difference between the C180F-P and it siblings is that this model integrates a pedal. According to the company, by pressing down the pedal you can achieve smooth tilt and pan movements. However, the tilt angle of the pedal version is limited to 40°, while the standard models can reach 90°. Finally, the pedal base has an independent damping system to adjust smoothness of motion.

iFootage Cobra 3 monopod series specifications
iFootage Cobra 3 monopod series specifications. Source: iFootage

Price and availability

The new iFootage Cobra 3 series is now available to purchase from the manufacturer’s website (standard / pedal). All models come with a storage bag and a detachable wrist strap. Pricing is as follows:

  • A180T – $129
  • A180F – $149
  • C180F – $179
  • C180F-P (Pedal version) – $194

If you don’t need the telescopic rod, then you can also purchase only the standard base for $59 or the pedal base for $74. 

iFootage Cobra 3 pedal base
iFootage Cobra 3 pedal base. Source: iFootage

For more information, please visit iFootage’s website.

Do you often use a monopod when shooting on-the-go? What do you think of the new iFootage Cobra 3 monopod series? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!Inf


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