Insta360 ONE – The 4K 360 Cam That Makes Bullet Time Easy!

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Insta360 ONE - The 4K 360 Cam That Makes Bullet Time Easy!

With 6-axis stabilisation, Log mode and SmartTrack, the new Insta360 ONE offers plenty of features for creative control.

The Insta360 ONE is the latest addition to the company’s line up of portable and affordable 360-degree video cams. It is capable of capturing up 4K video (3840*1920 at 30fps or 2560*1280 at 60fps), as well as 24MP stills in a small body that’s easy to mount anywhere you could mount an action cam. Used as a both standalone camera or paired with a smartphone, it allows you to conveniently manipulate your 360 capture without the need for a laptop. Let’s have a quick look at its main features!

FreeCapture – Use your Phone to Reframe in Post

Although 360 videos can be fun, there are times when you want to simply flatten out the immersive experience to a simple fixed-frame video and guide your viewer’s perspective.

The new FreeCapture feature on the Insta360 ONE lets you do just that. Just record a 360 scene, and then connect the ONE to your phone to ingest the footage and access the app.

Insta360 ONE

The Insta360 ONE in standalone mode and connected to an iPhone

Once there, you can use your phone as a viewfinder to look around the 360 scene, recording what you look at to a single, fixed-frame 1080p video. Doing away with the need to navigate around the image on your computer by click-dragging or setting keyframes, FreeCapture should yield much more natural-looking results.

Bullet Time Mode

This shot style made famous by the movie The Matrix can now easily be achieved thanks to a combination of features found on the Insta360 ONE.

First of all is the ONE’s ability to conceal whatever accessory you use to swing the camera around you. Whether you use a selfie stick or the included string attachment, you will find it will magically disappear from your footage allowing you to create the illusion of a flying camera.

Next is the slow-motion capabilities. The Insta360 is capable of up 120fps natively, with up to 240fps achieved algorithmically with the smartphone app. While it may not be slow enough to see the heat trails on bullets, it should be adequate enough for most fast-paced sports!

Similar to FreeCapture, the camera’s SmartTrack feature allows you to achieve a fixed-frame 1080p video where a subject of our choice is always in frame. Add to that the camera’s 6-axis image stabilisation to complete the bullet-time effect.

Shooting Capabilities

The Insta360 ONE also supports HDR, as well as RAW photo capture and Log video, meaning more flexibility for color grading in post. Additionally, for those wanting to go beyond shooting everything in automatic, the camera allows for manual control of ISO, shutter speed and white balance for more precise adjustments.

Insta360 ONE – Easy to mount anywhere!

We have had the chance to try the Insta360 ONE for a few days, so expect some sample footage soon! In the meantime, why not check out our ON THE GO episode with Max from Insta360 earlier this year at NAB 2017?

The Insta360 ONE is available for pre-order for $299.90, with shipments starting on September 5th. It is currently only compatible with iPhone, although an Android version is on the way. For more information, visit

Could the Insta360 ONE be your stepping stone into the world of 360 shooting? Let us know in the comments!


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