Inteca Butterfly – A Giant Flexible LED Softlight

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German electronics company Inteca introduced its flexible LED panels during this year’s IBC show in Amsterdam. The Inteca Butterfly LedZ is a bi-color 4×4′ flexible LED Softlight with an output of up to 400W and a variety of accessories.

The new Inteca Butterfly LedZ LED panel has the shape of a textile matrix and comes in white or black colour. It is particularly suitable for mobile applications thanks to its thin and lightweight design. The panels can be mounted in standard 4×4′ Avenger frames with Velcro straps, eyelets or with ropes, or even in larger 4×6′ or 8×8′ frames, but also wherever there is space thanks to its flexibility. The net can be rolled up or folded for easy transportation.

The high-quality LED modules used for the light panels offer:

  • Variable color temperature (2700K – 6500K)
  • Flicker-free up to 1500 fps
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)> 95
  • Dimmability 0-100%

Flexible LED Softlight

Inteca offers a variety of controllers for their new flexible LED panel. The LCM205 controller with V-mount battery slot, for instance, is a simple controller which however only offers a maximum output power of 100W. Alternatively, the ILC300 controller features a touchscreen to control all parameters of the panel and allows the programming of various lighting effects and moods. It has three separately controllable output channels, each with a maximum of 100W for a total of 300W.

Inteca Butterfly LedZ

Inteca Butterfly LedZ accessories

This flexible LED softlight comes in two versions. The first is the Inteca Butterfly LedZ 81 with 81 LED modules and a total maximum output power of 250W. The second is the Inteca Butterfly LedZ 100, with 100 LED modules and a maximum output power of 300W.

Both versions can be easily combined by stretching 81 model over 100 model, requiring two ILC300 controllers to achieve approximately 550W of power on the same 4×4′ surface. Another option is to attach two 100 nets slightly offset one above the other, achieving a maximum output of 600W on just a slightly larger surface area.

Inteca Butterfly LedZ – Tech Specs

Processor:TLMP (The Light Management Processor)
CRI:95,9 / R9: 93,2
Illuminace intensity:LedZ 100 – 7000 Lux at 1m Distance, LedZ 81 – 6000 Lux at 1m Distance
Brightness:Dimmable 0 – 100%
Color temp.:2700K – 6500K
Circuit points:BScab
Dimensions:Length 1200mm x Width 1200mm /4×4 feet
Weight:2100 g
Energy supply:Atop Controller (ILC300, LCM205)
Ambient temperature:Max. 40°C
Surface temp.:Max. 60°C
Energy cons.:Max. 300 Watt at 100%
Mounting At 4×4′ Frame, Velcro Strips, Cord, Tension Belt, and more
Service:Atop Controller (ILC300, LCM205, DMX205)
Accessories:Battery Controller, Cables, Diffusion, Outdoorcase, Dop Choice Snapgrid 4×4′, Spacer

Pricing for a whole kit including a light, grid box and controller is €5,800.

Have you ever used any flexible LED panels? Do you like using them or do you preffer classic, solid LED panels? Let us know in the comments.


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