iodyne Partners Up With Hedge and Incorporates Mimiq

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At IBC 2023, we met with iodyne’s COO, Jason Williams, to learn about the latest developments with the iodyne Pro Data and their ongoing collaboration with Hedge. As filmmakers, there are few things more important than securing data when in the field, and the iodyne Pro Data not only does this, but it lets multiple people edit their work while on the go. Now, with Hedge’s Mimiq, you can even take Avid’s Media Composer with you.

As a reminder, the iodyne Pro Data is an all-NVMe, all-SSD Thunderbolt RAID solution that integrates multiple SSDs and Thunderbolt port pairs into one unit. According to the company, this Thunderbolt storage solution is the fastest in the world and offers RAID6 protection and always-on encrypted storage. Additionally, and what truly sets the Pro Data apart, is its portability – take it with you wherever you need to go. Just drop it into your backpack or messenger bag. It’s that easy.

The Pro Data excels when running and gunning, not to mention the speed

To understand just how amazing the Pro Data is in regards to video editing, have a look at my colleague Johnnie’s video. As he says, the iodyne Pro Data is top of the line when running and gunning, when you are working with large VFX files, and when you have a team of people working on one project. You can edit footage in real-time and in full resolution, and sharing it with the rest of the team is no problem. The sheer speed of the Pro Data at 5 Gigabytes per second lets you handle just about any workload you can imagine.

Further collaboration with Hedge

Now, iodyne has announced a further collaboration with Hedge. They have been working together for a while, in terms of Hedge’s Offshoot, and now they are further enhancing Pro Data with another Hedge workflow app, Mimiq. With Mimiq, you can set up a collaborative workflow for Media Composer software and work with other Media Composer users. It’s done using Mimiq’s Bin Locking software. You have the ability to “lock” your work, preventing others from overwriting your files.

Security and connectivity in the field

Since modern laptops have the same storage capacity as large desktop computers from a few years ago, it’s important to have fast storage with you when editing on the go. The problem is that conventional SSDs have some serious drawbacks, such as no backup and no data security, not to mention the speed limitations. However, with Pro Data, you get the security and the connectivity, plus multiple users can simultaneously store their data over Thunderbolt. Picture yourself in the field: You connect via Thunderbolt and commence your work, and additional users can effortlessly join by plugging in as well.

The iodyne Pro Data is truly a portable workhorse. Image: CineD

iodyne’s Pro Data and Hedge’s Mimiq

We also talked with Hedge’s CEO & co-founder Paul Matthijs Lombert about the collaboration, and he explained that depending on which part of the Pro Data platform you are utilizing, you can decide what combination you want. When Mimiq is incorporated into one or more of these environments, it creates a shared Avid environment that’s accessible wherever you go. Users have the freedom and flexibility to go from offline to online collaboration, even when working remotely.

Mimiq offers a viable alternative to Avid’s proprietary Nexis hardware, which, in Paul’s view, is primarily designed for facilities and can’t be moved off-site. So if you want to bring your post-production tasks to on-location sets, Mimiq is a solution to consider.

The Pro Data hardware – so much packed into a small frame. Image: CineD

So what else can it do?

Back to Jason from iodyne, and as far as usability, he highlighted the invaluable feedback from their customer base, revealing a wealth of applications and potential uses for the Pro Data. For instance, its impressive speed proves highly beneficial for tasks like 8K RAW editing, and real-time color grading and finishing on set. Moreover, the convenience of having their storage combined with Offshoot and Mimiq in a single field-ready device is an enormous advantage.

Pricing and availability

In terms of availability, iodyne Pro Data provides everything in one kit that includes Mimiq. Additionally, you can extend this package later with Hedge and add or remove licenses as needed for specific projects. Furthermore, for Media Composer users who are used to high-level support, there is a partner network that understands how to integrate the program for you.

The iodyne Pro Data is available directly on their website.

So what do you think about the iodyne Pro Data and Mimiq? Do you use Avid’s Media Composer, and can you see a place for the Pro Data in your team’s workflow? Let us know in the comments below!

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