Hedge’s OffShoot for iPad, Canister for Windows, PostLab Beta and More

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During IBC 2023, we had the chance to catch up with the software company Hedge to talk about updates on their popular on-set, post-production, and archiving tools. CEO & Co-Founder Paul Matthijs Lombert shared details about the iPadOS version of OffShoot data transfer and verification app as well as the S3 offload possibility. The easy-to-use LTO archiving software Canister is coming to Windows. A PostLab beta for sharing and collaborating on libraries and events in Final Cut Pro will also be released in October.

Hedge underwent rebranding of their popular Hedge software at NAB 2023, changing it to OffShoot. In case you’re not familiar with OffShoot: the app allows you to transfer and verify footage from your camera media to storage media.

OffShoot for iPad and iPhone

The company shared more news on OffShoot for iPadOS, which now lets you offload your camera media to one or multiple SSDs using a USB switch that is connected to the iPad. Thanks to the iPad’s incredible performance, OffShoot can transfer and verify data even faster than on computers running macOS. Offloading a 500GB RED memory card took only 24 minutes to transfer.

in Offshoot you can now select S3 to offload your proxies directly to the cloud
S3 is now supported for offloading proxies into the cloud. Image credit: Hedge

With the new iPhone 15 Pro having a USB-C connector, as well as the A17 Pro chip, Hedge is also looking into getting OffShoot ready for iOS.

Canister for Windows

Popular LTO archiving software Canister will also finally receive a Windows version. This easy-to-use app for archiving media onto LTO tapes has been available for macOS for some time now, and will soon be available for Windows (desktop).

PostLab for Final Cut Pro

For editors that share projects with other editors using Final Cut Pro, PostLab might just be the missing link. Editors using Avid have been able to use “Bin locking” together with other editors and now Hedge is introducing “Event locking” for Final Cut Pro X in PostLab. Event locking allows multiple editors to collaborate on the same libraries and even work on the read events in those libraries while another editor is working on them.

PostLab software showing multiple libraries and events that editors can collaborate on
PostLab allows multiple editors to collaborate on Final Cut Pro libraries and events. Image credit: Hedge

Currently, PostLab is still in beta, though a public beta will be accessible at the beginning of November 2023.

IBC Best Stand Design Award

Hedge also received an IBC Best Stand Design Award in the innovation category due to their sustainability effort towards reusing materials and reducing stress on their employees.

IBC best stand design award trophy
IBC2023 Best Stand Design Award trophy. Image credit: CineD

The company sacrificed half of their booth space for a designated area for their team where they were able to rest and eat. Also their booth furniture and builds, except for their signage (which changes regularly, of course), are being reused year after year. This sustainability effort towards reusing materials and reducing stress on their employees earned them this great award. Congratulations!

Price and availability

Compared to many other companies, Hedge does not use a typical subscription model for their software. OffShoot, for example, is available as a perpetual license which means that you pay for one year of usage updates. After the first year, you can renew your license at any time for only 1/3 of the original price.

The single license for OffShoot costs $139 USD and a company license for use on multiple computers starts at $208 USD for two users. There is also a site license for 20 users that costs $1299 USD.

All the updates mentioned above will be available in early October 2023.

You can find more information about Hedge software on the manufacturer’s website.

Are you a Hedge software user? Have you used Hedge on-set before and are interested in the iPad version of OffShoot? Do you see yourself using an iPhone 15 for offloading your media? Do you use LTO for archiving your media? Please share your opinions and experiences using Hedge software in the comments below!


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