Kessler KillShock Mini – Stabilize Your Handheld Gimbal On The Road

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Kessler KillShock Mini - Stabilize Your Handheld Gimbal On The Road

Kessler has just released a new version of their popular isolator plate: the Kessler KillShock Mini. This shock absorber device is made for mounting handheld gimbals directly on your car – or any moving vehicle – and to absorb all the bumps of the road. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Kessler KillShock

In 2018, Kessler introduced the KillShock isolator plate to the market. If you are not familiar with what the Kessler KillShock is and what it is used for, it is two plates that are attached to wires. Then, you mount the KillShock on a moving vehicle, and you connect your camera/gimbal on top of it. The cables will absorb the bumps/cracks/shocks of the road and give you much smoother footage than a traditional car mount system.

The original Kessler KillShock. Image credit: Kessler

This type of rig is useful if you are trying to follow a fast-moving subject on a road (and even off-road). It will remove all the micro-vibrations from your moving shots. Otherwise, the Kessler KillShock is made to stabilize heavy camera setups and gimbals, like a MoVi Pro with a RED/ARRI camera and a cinema lens.

To make their product more versatile, Kessler just released a new version for smaller cameras and handheld gimbals: the Kessler KillShock Mini.


Image credit: Kessler

Kessler KillShock Mini

The Kessler KillShock Mini does the same thing as the original KillShock, except that it is made for smaller/lighter setups. At the bottom, there is an 8″ suction cup base so that you can mount it on a car, a bike, a boat, and so on. On top of the KillShock Mini, you can attach whatever handheld gimbal you have at your disposal, including the Ronin S, Moza Air, Movi M5, and Zhiyun-Tech gimbals. Also, you can mount your DSLR/Mirrorless and compact video cameras to the KillShock Mini directly.


The top plate of the Kessler KillShock Mini. Image credit: Kessler

On the bottom plate, there are four 1″ tether points for ratchet strap tie-downs. These tether points, combined with the holes to attach carabiner safety wires, ensure that the KillShock Mini won’t go anywhere once it is mounted on a vehicle. Also, there are four built-in handles to position the KillShock Mini wherever you want it quickly.


Image credit: Kessler

Pricing and Availability

The Kessler KillShock Mini is available now and retails for $699/736.98€. It comes with four Shock Module Blocks with Blue Light Duty shock modules pre-installed. You can buy optional Red Medium Duty Shock Module Blocks for heavier payloads, as well as a third cable per shock module via the Fine-Tuning Kit Add-On.

What do you think of the Kessler KillShock Mini? Do you often shoot with car-mounted camera setups? Let us know in the comments below!

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