Kessler kOS v5.1 Motion Control App Released – Unreal Engine Integration, and More

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Kessler kOS v5.1 Motion Control App Released - Unreal Engine Integration, and More

Kessler kOS motion control app (for CineShooter+ or Second Shooter Pro) v5.1 update brings Unreal Engine tracker-less integration, simultaneous adjustment of multiple keyframes, device name selection, and more. The premium version of kOS is available for $9.95 per month.

Roughly three years ago, Kessler launched the kOS app for the first time to provide a control interface for their motion control products, such as the Kessler Second Shooter or the CineShooter. Now, the company has announced a new version v5.1 that brings a few interesting upgrades. Let’s take a quick look at what is new.

Kessler kOS v5.1

The new update of the Kessler kOS app follows the recent launch of the Kessler CineShooter+ motion control system, which introduced several improvements over its predecessor, for instance, an Unreal Engine tracker-less integration. This feature is also included in the recent kOS version v5.1. It will now be possible to synchronize the camera’s motion in the Unreal engine-generated scene with the Kessler motion controller without the need for a tracker. Kessler published a useful tutorial on how this integration works.

Please note that for the Unreal integration, the paid Premium kOS version is required. The full kOS v5.1 release notes include the following:

  • Added support for Unreal Engine (see documentation in app).
  • The horizontal location (time) of multiple key frames on the graph can now be adjusted simultaneously.
  • Device names can now be changed by right-clicking (or long pressing) on a device button.
  • When selecting a Time Lapse or Stop Motion Exposure amount, additional choices have been added in five-second intervals up to two hours.
  • Added support for Logitech Gamepad 310 (Windows version only).
  • Various bug fixes and UI/performance improvements.
Unreal Engine tracker-less support. Source: Kessler

Kessler kOS functionality overview

In case you are not familiar with the Kessler kOS app, here is a brief overview of the supported functions:

  • Movement
    • Live Motion
    • Event Mode
    • Timelapse
    • MultiLapse
    • Stop Motion
    • GigaPixel
    • Analog Control
  • Compositing
    • Repeatable Moves – CineShooter+ is a nodal head with accuracy and repeatability, suitable for visual effects.
    • Same Move, any Duration – You can play the same move for 4 seconds or even 4 months. The move will always be the same.
    • Audio Sync – Easily sync audio with your move with built-in visual features. 
    • Flash Mark/Bloop Align – Use visual or audio-based marks for aligning takes for visual effects.
  • Interactive Graph
    • 20 Keyframes per Axis – With kOS Premium you can program up to 20 keyframes per axis/motor.
    • Bezier Curves- Add and customize ease-ins and ease-outs to every keyframe for smooth moves.
    • Precise Positioning – Input an exact position directly.
    • Looping – Simply select one-time or continuous looping.
    • Bump Buttons – Useful for quickly moving the motors into the desired position.
    • Scrub through Move – Scrub through your move live to preview or to go to a spot on the graph instantly.
  • Other
    • Camera Control – control your camera’s shutter or start and stop recording.
    • Delay – add an amount of time before or after the move or set a specific start time/date.
    • Multiple Tabs – have access to more than one move at a time.
    • Pre & Post Roll – program your camera to start recording before the move starts or to keep recording after the move ends.
    • Load & Go – load your move so that it’s ready to start instantly.
    • Save Moves – save your move for future use.
    • Pre & Post Photos – program your camera to take photos before or after your timelapse move has started or ended.
    • Fast Mode – allows the motors to move at their maximum speed.
    • Quiet Mode – this option automatically limits the motors to run at a low RPM and be quiet when sound is crucial.
    • DragonFrame – Kessler CineShooter+ & Second Shooter Pro support DragonFrame stop motion and live motion.
kOS use on-set. Source: Kessler/Merge

The Kessler kOS app is available for devices running Windows, macOS, or iPadOS systems. It now also supports client mode. This allows CineShooter+ (or Second Shooter Pro, Second Shooter Plus) and your device to connect to a location’s Wi-Fi network rather than connecting directly to the hardware’s own network. This can extend the connected range, and (if your existing network is connected to the internet) allow for easier multitasking.

Price and availability

kOS app v5.1. Source: Kessler

The price of the Kessler kOS app depends on the type of licensing:

  • Lite version – completely free of charge, but imposes a few limitations (no multi-lapse, Event mode, or Gigapixel, no Dropbox support, a maximum of 1 tab, and others). For the full list of differences, please refer to the Kessler webpage.
  • Premium version – priced at $9.95/month, $99.95/year, or $199 for a perpetual license. It is worth noting that with the purchase of a CineShooter+, you will get 1 free year of kOS Premium.

For reference, the new Kessler CineShooter+ retails for $3,200.

Have you ever used any of the Kessler motion control systems for your work? What do you think about the new CineShooter+ and the kOS app? Do you use Unreal Engine for your productions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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