Keyframe Audio – New Affordable Royalty Free Music Licensing Service

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Keyframe Audio - New Affordable Royalty Free Music Licensing Service

Having a music track that perfectly fits the mood and style of a video or film can elevate the audience’s viewing experience immensely. In recent years a lot of websites have cropped up that license decent music for ever decreasing costs. Keyframe Audio Royalty Free Music is a new contender in the online music market that offers music licensing at insanely low price.

Keyframe Audio Royalty Free Music Licensing - Homepage

Keyframe Audio Royalty Free Music Licensing – Homepage

Yet Another Subscription?!

You can find really awesome companies with top notch music and artists, but not every content creator, filmmaker, or game developer can afford premium quality music.
Some of the libraries are very expensive and even the more affordable ones charge on a per track basis, which can add up to a big amount if you need to put out new content regularly.
This is where Keyframe Audio’s subscription model comes in:

You subscribe to their service for €30.- per year and you can download and use all their songs on any project in perpetuity. See that’s right — forever!
If you choose to cancel the subscription you will able to keep all the tracks downloaded during your subscription and can keep using them.

I have to admit that I usually despise subscriptions, but for music licensing it kinda makes more sense to me than a per-track-payment. Especially if you put out stuff on a regular basis and/or work for clients: You can download whatever track you want. So it’s not necessary to edit with an audio-watermarked temp-track until you client approves the track or wants it changed.

You can simply download the track without audio-watermarks and download another to replace it anytime.

Keyframe Audio Royalty Free Music Licensing - Some Playlists

Keyframe Audio Royalty Free Music Licensing – Some Playlists

The Website…

…is simple, yet intuitive. They have grouped their tracks into currently 24 »playlists« or categories like Ambient, Feel Good, Workout, Chillout, Travel, Hard Rock and so forth.
Each playlist contains a number of songs that can be previewed and scrubbed through.

The Keyframe Audio website is very responsive, tracks start playing promptly when clicked and scrubbing is fast — Something that is very important in my experience: nothing worse than a website that needs to buffer for 10 seconds every time you click a song, when you are on a deadline to deliver a video.

You can create you own playlists and add tracks to them to organise the tracks you liked or assign them to projects or clients. You can also “favourite” tracks, send a link to a client for approval and of course download songs in 44,1 kHz 16 Bit Stereo WAV files.

Keyframe Audio Royalty Free Music Licensing – Playlists Example

The Future of Keyframe Audio

Valdi Sabev, creator of Keyframe Audio, told us that they launched with around 1000 tracks to choose from and that they will be adding around 100 tracks per month.
They will also be adding playlists with more obscure music that is hard to find such as Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Celtic and other genres that are not mainstream for which they have gotten requests for from creators.
Keyframe Audio also plan to add a Sound Effects section within the year. The subscription price will stay the same and Sound Effects will be available to all members.


Music is a very subjective matter, but I could quickly find a track or two that I liked in every category I clicked.
Considering the really low price of only €30/year I think Keyframe Audio is a great option, if you need music on a regular basis — which in this case means: more than one track per year.

It would be great if future tracks would have a more broadcast-friendly 48kHz sample-rate instead of CD-quality 44,1kHz.

I know they are still fine-tuning their website, but I’d like to request one feature I miss with all the other music-licensing sites:

Sometimes I search for a piece of music, but stumble across something else I like, but don’t have immediate use for. I’d love to have the ability to add some personal notes to that track to remember what I was thinking.

Check out the Keyframe Audio License Agreement, to see if this service is right for you.

For all readers of cinema5D Keyframe Audio has issued coupon code that shaves an additional 30% off of the annual subscription price of €30 — as long as you stay subscribed! Use the coupon code CINEMA5D30 in the checkout process when purchasing a subscription.

How do you guys go about licensing music? Do you license music online? What do you think about the subscription model vs. payment on a per-track basis? Please let us know in the comments!


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