Libec HFMP – Self Standing Monopod Taking Pre-Orders

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Libec HFMP - Self Standing Monopod Taking Pre-Orders

The Libec HFMP is now available for pre-order. For those who missed it the first time round, the Libec Hands Free Monopod is an inventive, quick-operating system that enables you to switch between monopod and static tripod mode with a single stomp.

I’ve been a firm believer of the footed monopod in the past; it can be a fantastic tool for quickly and efficiently getting coverage with compact camera systems. If you were clever with the Manfrotto system, you could poise your monopod so that it stood up on it’s own, albeit it was always hairy as it could tip at any time.

The Libec HFMP is designed for even the un-clever filmmaker, as its idiot-proof foot click base enables you to switch between fluid monopod and self stand mode in seconds.

This will be a fantastic feature for those looking for a stable system that’s fast to operate, especially Wedding and Event filmmakers that need to cover a lot of ground with a small footprint setup.

We caught up with Libec at IBC last year to talk about the HFMP:

The Full Libec HFMP setup ships with the TH-X Pan-and-Tilt Video Head. This is a compact video head with top-snapping plate, which is a must for the modern day filmmaker – no ones likes a slide!

Libec HFMP – Useful Specifications:

  • Payload 4kg / 9.0lb
  • Tilt angle +90 / -80
  • Dual Pan Function Design Pan function on head
  • Weight 2.7kg / 5.9lb
  • Height 87.5 to 189.5cm / 34.4 to 74.6″
  • Leg Lock Type Flip Locks
  • Pipe Diameters (upper/mid/low) 34.0mm/29.5mm/25.0mm
  • Monopod Case Included
    Video Head Spec:
  • Payload 4kg / 9.0lb C.G. 55mm
  • Counterbalance FIX
  • Drag Mode FIX
  • Tilt angle +90 / -80
  • Plate attachment 1/4″ Screw with video pin
  • Weight 1.1kg / 2.3lb
  • Ball diameter 65mm/flat base with 3/8 screw hole

There are quite a few of these three-legged monopods out there now, but there’s no doubt that the one-click action of the locking base will be a huge selling point of the Libec HFMP. For me, the head is another feature to consider.

The filmmaker this monopod will attract will be the resourceful one – very compact gear, moves very quickly and wants seamless integration between all their kit. The TH-X Pan-and-Tilt Video Head is actually quite a clever design that suits its target audience more than some may think, as it is a complete system and will bolt straight onto any set of 50mm ball legs (even 75mm at a squeeze). Libec has integrated a low profile 65mm half bowl on the bottom of the head as well as being a flat base one, and it ships with a bowl clamp and has pan and tilt locks.

This all means you can take it off your monopod and stick it straight onto a pair of tripod legs.

The Manfrotto system was always a pain here. The head that ships with the monopod didn’t have a pan lock, and you’d have to add a half bowl adaptor to get it on your bowl legs; I like the complete system Libec has gone for.

Having said that, if you have a tripod head system you are familiar with (or have heavy tripod plate investment in) then you can also buy the Libec HFMP without the video head.

I’ve included both pre-order links below for you to check out, shipping should start within February.

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