Libec LX-ePed – New Pedestal for PTZ Cameras Announced

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Libec LX-ePed is a new pedestal specifically designed for PTZ cameras. It features a remotely operated central column that can elevate the maximum payload of 10kg. The pedestal requires AC power, weighs 14kg and it will be available globally from April 2023 for around $3500.

My colleague Johnnie visited the Inter BEE trade show in Japan in search of new products. He met up with Koichi Yamaguchi from Libec to talk about the company’s new remotely operated pedestal designed specifically for PTZ cameras.

The PTZ hype

The idea behind PTZ cameras is a full remote control including pan, tilt, and zoom. This workflow makes it much easier and cost-effective to do multi-cam productions.

PTZ cameras have been around for a long time, but they have gained quite a popularity boost recently during and after the global wave of lockdowns connected with the COVID-19 pandemic. During these difficult times, many events transformed into virtual live-streamed or hybrid ones. Generally, live streaming has gotten more and more popular and PTZ seems to be the right technology to help with it.

Sony Cinema Line
Sony FR7. Image credit: CineD

Big players such as Sony and Canon recently announced new PTZ cameras with larger sensors. Especially Sony really stepped up the PTZ game with the FR7 – a remotely controlled camera that sports a full-frame sensor, wide DR, high frame rates, built-in ND filters, and more.

Libec PTZ Pedestal

With the growing popularity of PTZ cameras, we are beginning to see accessories designed specifically for these. During the Inter BEE 2022 show in Japan, Libec introduced a prototype of a new pedestal for PTZ cameras. The company already has a line of pedestals in its portfolio, but this model is the first one that was specifically designed for PTZ.

LX-ePed pedestal. Source: Libec

By the way, a pedestal is a special kind of tripod that has a retractable central column that can smoothly elevate the mounted camera and usually has a wheelbase (dolly) built in.

Like other pedestals, the Libec LX-ePed features a tripod base with extendable legs and a retractable center column. The special design of this new PTZ pedestal is that the motorized center column can be remotely extended or retracted. This fits well with the whole idea of PTZ cameras which is a full remote control. The remote features a simple up/down switch and it seems to be wired only.

Libec LX-ePed pedestal – remote control. Image credit: CineD

There will be two models available:

  • Libec LX ePed – This will have a simple ground spreader at the base. The maximum height of this version will be around 242cm (7.94′).
  • Libec LX-ePed Studio – The studio version will have a wheeled dolly at the base. The maximum height of the pedestal will be 252cm (8.27′).
Libec LX-ePed pedestal. Image credit: CineD

The pedestal requires AC power to operate as there is no built-in battery. I think this should not be a problem as PTZ cameras usually also run on AC power only, so there will usually be a power socket nearby.

Libec LX-ePed pedestal. Image credit: CineD

The maximum payload of the pedestal is 10kg, so on top of lightweight PTZ cameras, it will be able to handle even larger camera setups with a fluid head. The pedestal itself weighs 14kg (31 lbs).

Price and availability

As Koichi Yamaguchi told us, the Libec PTZ pedestal is still a prototype, so it is not yet available for purchase. The company is planning to release it globally in April 2023. The price is not finalized yet, but Libec is aiming at the $3,500 mark (I assume for the Studio version).

Do you use PTZ cameras for your work? What do you think about the Libec PTZ pedestal? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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