LOKI Kickstarter – A Multi-Purpose Pocket Rig

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LOKI Kickstarter - A Multi-Purpose Pocket Rig

LOKI Feature

LOKI is a pocket-sized multi-purpose rig that transforms into a Shoulder Rig, Cage, Underslung Rig and Dolly. UK based creators Scratch Ideas are hosting a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground.

LOKI WeightThe base unit of LOKI folds down to a size similar to that of a DSLR battery grip; this is grounds to make up the majority of the LOKI  shoulder rig & underslung rig and with a couple more components you can build the cage and 4-wheeled dolly.

LOKI as a shoulder rig has a 20kg weight limit, and all joints are made from aluminium rosettes for ease of adjustment:


“We included serrated steel locking plates on all the joints to offer loads of articulation, but more importantly, to ensure that once your rig is set-up, it will not move or slip. “

The shoulder rig module offers two 15mm rods for standard accessories and the cage offers an array of additional 1/4 20″ threads for further mounting.

The dolly configuration requires two wheeled axles and takes advantage of LOKIs quick release rosette system. Here’s a look at all the available components and pricing for the LOKI:

LOKI Component List

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of an all-in-one rig; they often fall short in most departments as a subsequent of attempting to do everything. Stability is always on my mind with these kind of things, especially with something that folds so small; a 20kg payload is re-assuring however.

Having said that, LOKI will no doubt appeal to a certain kind of filmmaker; one that packs very light and perhaps more budget conscious.

The latter is perhaps surprising as the LOKI isn’t exactly cheap on first review, however when considering the costs of each individual configuration the cost starts to make sense.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

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