Module 8 “The Tuner” – A Variable-Look Lens Adapter – First Look

Every once in a while, we come across an innovation that might change how we create artistic images, and the new “Tuner” from Module 8 seems promising to perhaps do just that. The idea is simply genius: an adapter with a built-in glass that can “Vari-Tune a look”, comparable to or inspired by an iconic lens. Let’s take a closer look.

At NAB 2023 we met with Mike Thomas, a designer and builder of custom lens systems while also being specialized in optical manufacturing (he is the technical founder behind Moment lenses). Mike teamed up with Iain Neil, the creator of this innovation, who has more than 40 years of lens design experience, received many technical Academy Awards, and worked with Panavision, Cooke, and many others. Together they established Module 8 which is the company behind this product.

The Tuner family of adapters
The Tuner – A family of adapters from Module 8. Credit: Module 8

The looks

The basic idea of this product is to allow any EF lens, be it modestly priced or high-end, to turn its aesthetic look into something different. In order to do so, Module 8 came up with THREE adapters, each allowing an “inspired lens look”. The L1 is made to be inspired by “Super Baltar”, The L2 is there to give you a Canon K-35 look and feel, and the L3 (Retroscope) is an “original look” made by Module 8 themselves giving an “anamorphic flavor” to your footage when filming with spherical lenses.

On each of these adapters, one can “tune the look” by rotating the glass in the adapter itself in order to achieve a mild to stronger effect impact on the image. Couple this with the ability to work with fast lenses, and the possibility to create a unique look for your videos becomes a reality.

The Tuner adapter EF-E Mount
The Tuner Adapter EF-E Mount. Credit: CineD

“The Tuner” adapter – specs

Currently, the adapter will accommodate EF lenses from Canon, Tamron, and SIGMA. We have no information if lenses from other brands will work, too. Since there is an electronic connection between the adapter and the lenses, it’s possible Module 8 was playing it safe and working with more familiar brands. (As the adapter supports EF to E and EF to RF electronics, focus, aperture, and image stabilization can still be maintained when using it with selected lenses). As the new adapter has a USB-C connecter, future firmware updates will ensure future EF lens compatibility.

When it comes to connecting the adapter to camera, for now, Sony E and Canon RF mounts are supported. This is a good start and we hope to see Module 8 considering enlarging cameras compatibility with additional mounts when the time comes.

The Tuner Specification

Pricing and availability

The adapter will be offered for $1,999 and is expected to be in stock at the end of August. As part of their Kickstarter campaign that just went online, Module 8 is offering this product starting at a reduced price of $999 for early bird buyers.

At the end of every crowdfunding-related article, we remind you to please be aware of the risks when backing a project on a crowdfunding platform. Also, please read the platform’s terms and conditions and remember there can be significant delays when delivering the product. Some projects don’t get delivered at all.

Camera Compatibility Chart

Camera Compatibility Chart
Camera Compatibility Chart.

For more information please visit Module 8’s home page.

What do you think about The Tuner adapter? Is such a product interesting to you and would you consider owning it? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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