MTF has big competition – Redrock MFT mount is here

September 23rd, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

I reported about the MTF EF-mount last week, a device that would soon enable you to use a Canon EF lens with your favourite large sensor camera (F3, FS100 or AF100).

For a long time, well ever since these cameras are out people have been waiting for someone to develop a mount that will give them aperture control on Canon lenses.

It was great news at IBC when MTF announced that they’d have a sub 1100€ unit available in a couple of months, but it looks like the company Redrock Micro has also been working this.
And the price looks pretty interesting.

The Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT is the first available “active” lens mount for adapting EF lenses on micro four-thirds camera bodies. According to Redrock it will work on any micro four-thirds (mft) camera.

From the website:
A lens’ full aperture range is available in its native stop increments (1/3 or 1/5 increments depending on the lens).

Camera Mount: Micro Four Thirds (mft) mount, compatible with any micro four-thirds camera body.

Lens Mount: Canon EF Lens Mount with Digital Contacts for lens communication.

Constructed of machined aluminum

Compact lightweight design, weighing less than 6 oz

An external power source such as the 9v Battery power cable is required to power the unit.

Please note The LiveLens MFT powers the aperture control portion of EF Lenses. Additional lens features that require power may not be supported.

Introductory pricing for the LiveLens MFT is $442.50.
It’s available immediately and can be boughtv at

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