NAB 2011 – Death of HDSLR part 3: Sony NEXFS-100 = Killer

April 16th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

By: Sebastian Wöber

Last month Sony presented their NEXFS-100 camera. Only here at NAB did I realize that this camera outputs 4:4:4 through hdmi. Connect that to the Atomos I reported about yesterday and you will have the one camera many of us have been dreaming of.

It will set you back by $5000-$5500 and will be available this summer. Obviously, due to the high price point the dslrs will still remain our friends. For hobby shooting, no budget productions and occasions like weddings you’ll probably wanna go with that Canon, but if you wanna add a level of pro-ness you’ll instantly be in the defeat RED and Alexa league with this one!

Why am I saying this?

– 4:4:4 8bit output through hdmi (confirmed)
– 1080p at up to 60fps
– no moiré
– no rolling shutter
– xlr audio input and controls
– attachment for ENG style shooting
– high res, very sharp onboard monitor and viewfinder
– attach any lens with 3rd party non-glass adapters
– it’s a video camera and will please you in that sense

And, as far as I’ve heard from people who have attended the Zacuto camera shootout, the F3 (same sensor as FS100) has better lowlight and image quality than RED, 1DmkIV and a bunch of other cameras. I’ve seen some lowlight on the FS100 and it blew me away hard! What a neat side effect.

So now go on and hate me all u want, but unless Canon brings out something better/more affordable quick (and my guess is that this will not be a dslr) my next production will be done on this one. No more renting RED, what a relief.

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