NAB 2011 – Varavon “slim”: new dslr slider that does it all for $550

April 19th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

It doesn’t look like much. In fact it’s really very “slim”. But just as the Varavon Profinder I reported about last year, this slider also has the most important features and accessories you’d need already included:

– bag
– small tripod head (I can’t confirm yet if it’s a fluid head, but it felt like one)
– stopper screw (very important when it comes to a slider)
– feet that are adjustable height
– several mounting points (threads) for 3/8” and 1/4”
– easy servicing with WD40
– built-in water level

The man who builds the Varavon products was sitting in the back and didn’t talk much, I’m not sure he could speak English but build gear he can! When I asked for a motor (which personally I really crave on a slider) they told me one is in production and would be available as an add-on in 3-4 months. They said you could install it on the “slim”.

I will try to get one of these sliders for review. They will probably be available for order in the US through “International Supplies” in late May.

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