NANLITE & NANLUX Factory Tour – See How Your Lights Are Being Made

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NANGUANG is a leading Chinese manufacturer of lights and lighting accessories for our filmmaking industry. The company is known for manufacturing and selling products under the brand names NANLITE and NANLUX. Recently, we visited the company’s headquarters, which has nearly 1,000 employees. If you are interested in meeting the people behind the family business NANGUANG, next to learning more about how they make their NANLITE and NANLUX products, then, this factory tour video is for you!

My team and I are continuing with our effort to expose the faces behind companies who are serving our industry and this time, we headed to Shantou in China to visit the NANGUANG factory.

Shantou, China
Shantou, China: Home to the NANGUANG company. The nicest Chinese town I ever visited. Credit: CineD

Landing in Shenzhen is just the beginning of my journey, as I need to take two fast trains to get to this very pretty town (my favorite Chinese city so far!). Very different from the “ultra-modern” Shenzhen, Shantou has a very nice promenade facing the South China Sea, and even more so, the magnificent refurbished city center where tradition blends nicely with the friendliness of people is an attraction of its own. Anyway, CineD is not here to recommend excursions just yet, so back to focusing on our factory visit…

The NANLITE/NANLUX headquarters. Credit: CineD

Being a family-owned company, I was welcomed by Nancy (Managing Director) and her son Andy (Business Development Director). I also had the chance to briefly talk to Nancy’s husband, Biguang Lin, who is the company’s founder and president.

During my visit, I was escorted by Andy and Shirly (Marketing Manager) and witnessed firsthand the biggest factory I ever visited. NANGUANG has an entire campus dedicated to their factory, offices, and free accommodation for employees who are interested in staying close by. There is even room for future expansion and from what I saw, it won’t take long until some of those additional floors are completely occupied.

One of the many testing facilities at NANGUANG factory
NANLITE & NANLUX Factory Tour: One of the many testing facilities. Credit: CineD

One thing that struck me is the attention to quality control. NANGUANG is making sure that EVERY light leaving the assembly line is being tested to the max. Be it the duration of simply being “turned on”, or going through a “speed-up aging process” next to sustaining impact and moisture, it seems the company truly cares about the product that the end user will get.

Together with Nancy Zheng and Andy Lin (NANGUANG Factory Tour)
Together with Nancy Zheng and Andy Lin. Credit: CineD

As there is so much more to explore, I simply invite you to watch this behind-the-scenes film. Maybe you can even spot your favorite fixture being made.

If you are interested in this sort of content, you can watch our other factory tours here.

The main camera used for filming during this trip is the FUJIFILM X-S20.

Many thanks to the people at NANGUANG who were kind enough to open their company doors to us.

I hope you enjoyed this factory tour, and won’t forget to let us know in the comment section below what other companies you would like to see featured in the future!


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