New EasyRig Accessories & Vest for Camerawomen

Easyrig, the company that develops products which help camera operators to transfer most of the camera weight from shoulders to hips through their popular contraptions, introduced four new products at NAB 2018. Let’s have a look. 

The Quick Release Camera Hook

The quick release camera hook can securely hold the camera with little to zero setup time, by attaching and reattaching it on a ball joint. The quick release camera hook was tested to hold up to 115 kilo/255 pounds. Judging from the video, this product indeed justifies its name since it looks like the camera is released very quickly.

Check out a very convincing (and funny) demonstration about the quick release camera hook tested by the “Pizza Man”:

The quick release comes with a ball joint (3/8″ and 1/4″) to match your camera.

The Gimbal Flex Vest for camerawomen

The Gimbal Flex Vest was designed for female camera operators who want more support around the waist and chest. This vest allows further velcro adjustment on the top in order to help supporting and distributing the weight specifically tailored for women operators. 

Line Guide for Serene

The Line Guide facilitates shooting from the shoulders when using a Serene arm. The product forces the camera to go back towards the shoulders and make it easier to shoot from the shoulder.  The Line Guide can be mounted to an existing Serene arm using five included screws.

Umbrella with Holder

Simple as it sounds, this allows mounting of an umbrella to the upper arm on an Easyrig. On the Umbrella Holder there is also a 3/8″ and a 1/4″ thread hole to mount a battery or other accessories. Obviously, this device is made to help protect the operator against sun and rain.

Prices and availability

The exact prices are yet to be announced, but they’re estimated to be around $100- $150 for each accessory. The products will be available to ship within the next two weeks. We will update the post with product links once we get them. 

Have you been using an Easyrig before?  Were you missing one of their new accessories before? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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