New Kodak Super 8mm Camera – A Blast From The Past at CES 2016

New Kodak Super 8mm Camera - A Blast From The Past at CES 2016

In its 50th year of manufacturing Super 8mm film, Kodak is celebrating by releasing a new Super 8mm film camera. The announcement is part of an initiative hosted by Kodak that plans to get the old film format into more modern day filmmaker’s hands. 

Kodak Super 8mm Camera

Kodak Super 8mm: Leading a Retro Revolution

It’s been thirty years since we last saw a new super 8mm camera knocking about and fortunately, Kodak has stuck to a retro aesthetic design with the new Super 8mm Camera.

Taking a leaf out of Apple’s book and simply calling it the Kodak Super 8mm Camera, users will benefit from a fixed 6mm 1:1.2 – Ricoh lens and optional 6-48mm zoom, both in previously popular C mount. The camera will record variable frames per second (9, 12, 18, 24, 25 FPS) all at crystal sync.

A 3.5″ display with standard definition input will take care of monitoring and control, as well as a jog stick for navigation.

Kodak Super 8mm Camera_2

A 50′ film cartridge that currently costs around $35 will get you 90 seconds of film at 24p (although reports place future pricing in the $50-75 range). Kodak has big plans for the film format this year so the cost of the film may well change when the camera is released. Here’s more on what they have to say:

“The company has built a roadmap that includes a range of cameras, film development services, post production tools and more. “It is an ecosystem for film,” said Jeff Clarke, Eastman Kodak Chief Executive Officer. “Following the 50th anniversary of Super 8, Kodak is providing new opportunities to enjoy and appreciate film as a medium.”

A prototype of the film camera will debut at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, where visitors will get the opportunity to try out the Super 8mm Camera and watch ‘home movies’.

Kodak Super 8mm Camera Specifications

  • Film Gauge: Super 8 (Extended Max-8 Gate)
  • Film Load: Kodak Cartridges with 50 ft. (15 M)
  • Speed: Variable Speeds (9, 12, 18, 24, 25 FPS) all with Crystal Sync
  • Lens Mount: C-Mount
  • Focal Length: Fixed / 6mm, 1:1.2 – Ricoh lens (optional 6-48mm zoom)
  • Focus/Aperture: Manual Focus & Iris
  • View Finder: 3.5″ Display, Standard definition video input & +/- 45 degrees swivel
  • Exposure Control:
    • Cartridge Detection (Speed Notch)
    • Built-in light meter for supported speeds of all Kodak film types
    • Manual speed/manual iris setting
  • Battery & Charger: Integrated battery and charger via standard USB wall adaptor
  • Control Panel: Via viewfinder 3.5″ TFT LCD
  • Setting: Via jog wheel as user interface

The Kodak Super 8 Camera is rumoured to cost $400-$750. More info can be found on the Kodak website.


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