New SLR Magic Anamorphic Lenses Producing Vintage Look

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New SLR Magic Anamorphic Lenses Producing Vintage Look

SLR Magic has announced a set of vintage look anamorphic prime lenses that will be available to view at IBC in Amsterdam this weekend. The trio of PL mount lenses are designed to work with 16:9 sensors to offer the cinema aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

Anamorphic SLR Magic

Fresh for this weekend’s IBC show, SLR Magic has announced the ANAMORPHOT-CINE 35mm T2.4, 50mm T2.8 and 70mm T4 lenses.

The set have a squeeze factor of 1.33x making them compatible with 16:9 sensor cameras to achieve an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. This is nice as it keeps their compatibility broad (rather than 2x which would require a 4:3 able camera to produce a reasonable wide aspect ratio).

The set promise to deliver “the classic contrast, distortion, chromatic, color aberration, and flare characteristics of vintage anamorphic lenses”, often on the more modern and easy-to-use anamorphic lenses you lose the aesthetic and character many filmmakers look to obtain when turning to the format.

The lenses will come in PL mount with a PL to EF mount accessory, here’s the spec list:

  • SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT-CINE 35mm T2.4, 50mm T2.8, 70mm T4
  • Lens Type: Anamorphic lens
  • Squeeze factor: 1.33x
  • Objective front filter thread: Φ82
  • Mount: Aluminium PL or Titanium PL compatible with optional EF adapter
  • Lens Coating: Multi Coated
  • Close Focus: 3’6
  • Weight (oz./g): 38.8/1,100
  • Length (cm): 13.5
  • Diameter (cm): 10
  • Optional accessories: PL to EF adapter
  • Suggested aperture setting: T4-5.6
  • Image Circle: S35 for 35mm T2.4, FF for 50mm T2.8 and 70mm T4

The anamorphic lens game can be a bit of a mind field. Good quality easy-to-use lenses can get very expensive and in the process lose some image characteristics (namely flare) that many filmmakers often seek.

Cheaper examples can be very tricky to use often requiring the use of two focal barrels, with wider apertures and longer focal lengths struggling in image quality department.

It seems SLR Magic has sensed the gap between vintage and high quality anamorphics, offering a relatively affordable set of lenses that maintain easy of use and that vintage look.

If you’re heading to IBC I’d strongly recommend checking these out, they can be found at the Atomos booth in Hall 9 Stand D.25.

SLR Magic Anamorphic 2

SLR Magic has also announced a 2x MFT set that will work on the likes of the Panasonic GH4 in 4:3 mode for 2.35:1 (or super wide on 16:9 cameras).

Below are recommended retail prices for the set:

$2,499 for SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT-CINE 35mm T2.4
$2,999 for SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT-CINE 50mm T2.8
$2,999 for SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT-CINE 70mm T4

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