NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher – Simple Backup of All Your Media

During NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, Korean company Nexto DI introduced their new NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher – a nice and fast solution for backing up multiple memory cards without the need to use a computer. This is an ideal solution for anyone filming in multi-camera situations like events, reality shows or even live performances. 

NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher card batcher. Image: Graham Sheldon

NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher

The NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher allows you to copy up to eight memory cards at once to either one or two external drives connected via USB 3.0, all without the need for a computer. It has a single-button operation design, and a simple 2,4″ LCD display to monitor the copying process.

In terms of power, the device includes a regular AC 6-25V 2A adapter, although it is also possible to power it through a USB power bank like the one you probably already use with your mobile phone. Last but not least, a V-Mount plate will be an optional accessory which, in addition to its dimensions of 156 x 80 x 34 (mm) / 6.1 x 3.1 x 1.3 (inches) and a weight of only 200g (0.4lbs), makes the unit quite portable overall.

The video below demonstrates the whole copying process from multiple cards to a single HDD .


The device is capable of carrying out automatic labelling, a feature that will sort the files on the HDD according to slots and create organized folders. It is also possible to assign a camera to a certain card slot on the device, which will copy all the files into a folder according to shooting date, slot number and a text field, such as the camera operator’s name, for example.

The NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher comes in 7 different versions depending on the type of supported memory cards:

  • NCB-20-001 offers 8 slots for SD/SDHC/SDXC/MicroSD (UHS1) cards
  • NCB-20-002 offers 4 slots for CFast cards
  • NCB-20-003 offers 4 slots for XQD cards
  • NCB-20-004 offers 4 slots for SXS cards
  • NCB-20-005 offers 4 slots for P2 cards
  • NCB-20-006 offers 4 slots for Express P2
  • NCB-20-007 offers 3 slots for RED MINIMAG cards

There will also be an optional purchase that will allow you to preview various types of video files.

The NEXTO DI NCB-20 Card Batcher should be available from July 2017, with prices that will vary according to cards options. The SD/micro SD version will be the most affordable at $500, the CFast and XQD card versions will go for $800, while the SXS and P2 version will retail for $1500.

Do you personally find such a device useful? Have you ever been in a situation where it would have been of great help? Let us know in the comments below.


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