NiSi ATHENA T1.9 Full Frame Cinema Prime Lenses and Full-Spectrum ND Filters Teased

NiSi ATHENA T1.9 Full Frame Cinema Prime Lenses and Full-Spectrum ND Filters Teased

Ahead of NAB 2023, which starts this week, NiSi teased a new lineup of prime cinema lenses that covers full-frame image sensors: the ATHENA T1.9. Five lenses will be available on the Las Vegas show floor, including a 14mm T2.4 and a 25/35/50/85mm T1.9. Also, the company announced a new range of full-spectrum neutral density filters (FS ND). So let’s take a closer look at what we know so far!

NiSi is a Chinese manufacturer that focuses on developing camera and cinema filters. Since 2005, the company has launched thousands of filters and holders like the versatile Swift VND Mist Kit we reviewed.

In 2018, NiSi joined the lens market with the F3 cinema primes, a series of five lenses with user-interchangeable lens mounts. However, I’ve never seen them on a film set, in a rental house, or used by any significant production, so it could be that the NiSi F3 series had a mixed reception.

The company is now back with new compact full-frame cinema prime lenses with many exciting features: the ATHENA T1.9 series.

The NiSI ATHENA series in Sony E-Mount. Image credit: NiSi

NiSi ATHENA T1.9 Prime Lenses – Features

The NiSI ATHENA lineup consists of five lenses: 14mm T2.4, and 25/35/50/85mm all of which have a maximum aperture of T1.9.

All lenses cover full-frame image sensors and will be available in PL, Sony E, or Canon RF lens mount. As you can tell on the Sony E-Mount version pictured above, the ATHENA prime lenses feature a drop-in filter mount at the back of the lens.

The NiSi ATHENA series in PL-mount. Image credit: NiSi

It appears that the drop-in filter feature is missing on the PL-mount version of the ATHENA, which leads me to believe that this lens mount might not be user-interchangeable.

According to NiSi, all lenses are the same size with matched aperture/focus ring positions across the set. The front filter diameter is 77mm, so the outside diameter should be 80mm.

Image credit: NiSi

Finally, NiSi mentions that the lenses have “almost no focus breathing effect and are designed to achieve maximal micro-contrast control and ultra-low chromatic aberration.”

There is currently very little information about the NiSi ATHENA T1.9 lenses, but stay tuned to CineD to learn more about them as we will be visiting their booth during NAB 2023 and will keep you up to date!

The NiSI FS ND filters. Image credit: NiSi

NiSi FS ND Filters – features

NiSi will also introduce a new lineup of filters: the NiSi Full-Spectrum Neutral Density Filter (FS ND).

These filters are designed to be as color-neutral as possible and “transmit light evenly through the spectrum of ultraviolet, visible light, and near-infrared wavelengths,” according to the company.

Image credit: NiSi

The NiSi FS ND will be available in eight different strengths ranging from 0.3 to 2.4, which equals -1 to -8 stops of lights. Unfortunately, we don’t know about the sizes available yet, but judging from the pictures, you can expect at least 4 x 5.6″ versions.

Pricing and availability

We don’t know the prices of the NiSi ATHENA and FS ND filters yet, but NiSi will bring these products to NAB, so take advantage of our exclusive interview on the show floor to learn more about these soon!

For more information, please visit NiSi’s website here.

What do you think about these new NiSi cinema lenses? Have you had a chance to shoot with the previous F3 series of lenses? Will you attend NAB this year? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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