Balancing Work and Passion Projects – On the Go Ep. 36 – Joe Marine, Philip Bloom, Richard Lackey and Fraser McGruer

October 26th, 2016 Jump to Comment Section 2

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During IBC 2016, we took a moment to take a ride with some old friends and familiar faces. In this episode, we catch up and discuss how to take care of those important passion projects, while at the same time maintaining a busy work schedule and being an active member of the blogosphere.

Joe Marine is a filmmaker and freelance blogger who first sat with us On the Couch way back in episode 2.

Philip Bloom, back on his feet again after a back injury, is a celebrated filmmaking and blogger, whose recent work includes being a Director of Photographer for CNN’s The Wonderlist with Bill Weir.

Richard Lackey is a Dubai-based filmmaker and colourist member of C.S.I. He is a regular cinema5D contributor, and you can see all his posts here.

Fraser McGruer is a filmmaker and is, along with Philip, behind the Lights & Shadows filmmaking workshops.

A fascinating conversation among the Dutch windmills, all the while navigating the dangerous streets of Amsterdam, escaping head-to-head collisions and avoiding the hoards of cyclists.

Make sure to tune in for the second and final part of our ride on episode 37, where we tackle the topic of the quality of current TV programming, as well as the future of television.

Please visit our sponsors’ websites to keep new episodes of ON THE GO coming! Thanks to Hedge for Mac,  G-TechnologyRøde MicrophonesSachtler and in association with Ford and Sony.



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