The Perfect Slimline V-Lock – IDX Endura Duo Halve In Size

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The Perfect Slimline V-Lock - IDX Endura Duo Halve In Size

IDX has developed a new set of  V-Lock batteries that are nearly half the physical size, great news for filmmakers looking for slimline solutions for gimbals, compact camera setups and cutting down weight for travel.

Thanks to Newsshooter for the scoop at Interbee 2015 in Japan, where IDX unveiled their new Endura Duo batteries that are half the physical size of previous lines.

V-Locks have become a fairly staple powering solution for the filmmaking industry. Nowadays there are many different manufacturers yet all follow a fairly similar formula in features and form factor.

IDX has shaken things up a bit by using new cell technology to reduce the size of their new Endura Duo batteries.

Yep, they still look like a standard V-Lock, but size levels have effectively moved up the chain in terms of capacity.

IDX Endura Duo Feature


The Endura Duo 90HC and Endura Duo 190HC hold a capacity of 93Wh and 183Wh respectively, the slimline Duo 95HC coming in at around the same size as a current 73Wh and the Duo 190HC similar to a current 91Wh.

A slimline V-Lock with full-size capacity is great news for gimbal users and travellers looking to keep weight and size to a minimum (only Duo 90HC suitable for travel due to flying restrictions for batteries over 150Wh in capacity) as well as users of the Alexa Mini and Blackmagic URSA Mini cameras that prefer a smaller Slimline V-Lock to match their relatively smaller camera setups.

Like some previous IDX V-Locks, the new Endura Duos feature a pair of D-Tap outputs for camera accessories and a 5v USB port for powering wireless link devices and even your smartphone.

Gone are the days of judging a V-Locks capacity by its size. Technology like this as well as the High Load V-Locks for lighting solutions concludes bigger no longer simply means better.

The New IDX Endura Duo batteries will be released after NAB 2016.

cinema5D at Inter BEE 2015

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