Red Giant Releases Magic Bullet Looks 2.5

March 31st, 2014
Red Giant Releases Magic Bullet Looks 2.5

Red Giant, famous for popular post production software tools for filmmakers, has announced the release of Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 today.  The new update is a complete rebuilt, and takes advantage of GPU accelerated hardware. This is a free update for current users of Looks and the Red Giant Color Suite. The update includes new color correction tools, better previewing of presets, and a major bump in speed.  How much faster and better? Let’s take a look …

This news comes hot on the heels of their recent launch of the Red Giant Universe.“It might look mostly the same at first glance,” said Nate Sparks, Red Giant Color Suite product manager, “but what’s under the hood is brand-spanking, entirely new.

Red Giant took the initiative to completely rebuild, rather than continuing to build Looks on old code.  The developers chose to spend the last year rebuilding it entirely from scratch. This would allow them to break free of older aging technology and optimize the code for better overall performance.  The Magic Bullet Looks experience is popular and there is that fear that the update would drastically change the user interference. Happily, the user Interface has not been drastically overhauled, and it actually looks very similar. This means less downtime having to learn a new UI, or figure out different workflows.



Update Includes :

  • Speed increases of up to 95% on Windows® and more than 25% on Mac®.
  • Improved Looks Previewing: allows users to hover over Looks to preview the results.
  • Strength Slider: control the overall strength of your entire Look with an easy-to-use, keyframable slider.
  • LUT Tool: allows users to import .cube LUTs as well as 12 new LUT presets.
  • S-Curve Tool: makes it easy to add contrast without losing detail.
  • Better Custom Looks Management: makes it easier to share your Looks with other editors.


Magic Bullet Looks have long been a personal favourite tool in my edit suite. The easy to navigate user interface, combined with a efficient workflow has been beneficial. This new update has me personally excited and I can wait to get my hands on it for a full review.

Pricing & Availability:

Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 will be available in Q2 as a free upgrade for current users of Magic Bullet Looks 2.

Learn more about the Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 upgrade at


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GuestMarch 31st, 2014

Now if only it was actually available already….says COMING SOON.

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