RED KOMODO-X and RF to PL Electronic ND Filter Adapter Officially Introduced

RED KOMODO-X and RF to PL Electronic ND Filter Adapter Officially Introduced

RED Digital Cinema has just officially announced the newest member in their DSMC3 camera lineup, the KOMODO-X. It offers 6K80p RAW open gate recording, a locking RF lens mount, a redesigned battery plate, improved I/O and audio, compatibility with the DSMC3 monitor, and more. Pricing is set at $9,995.

First teased in 2019, the RED KOMODO 6K was initially conceived as a premium crash cam. However, it didn’t take long to see many productions adopting this tiny box-style cinema camera as their primary shooting tool.

Rather than being a replacement for the original model, the “X” variant is a new member that sits exactly between the standard KOMODO and the more advanced V-RAPTOR S35. So let’s take a closer look at it!

RED KOMODO-X – new 6K Global Shutter sensor

RED KOMODO-X features a newly-developed 6K (6144 x 3240) Super 35 (27.03 x 14.26mm) Global Shutter sensor that overcomes some of the limitations of its “entry-level” sibling. Thanks to a faster readout speed, “X” can capture motion at double the frame rate of the original model. Indeed, the camera can shoot at up to 80fps in 6K 17:9, 96fps in 5K 17:9, 120fps in 4K 17:9 and 240fps in 2K 17:9.


Despite its global shutter design, the original KOMODO 6K managed to achieve a pretty decent dynamic range score in our Lab Test. RED claims that KOMODO-X has slightly more dynamic range. Hopefully, we will be able to put this new sensor through its paces in the future to confirm this statement.

RED KOMODO-X (bottom view)
RED KOMODO-X (bottom view). Source: RED

Along with REDCODE RAW (HQ/MQ/LQ and ELQ), you can also record different flavors of DCI 4K ProRes: 4444 XQ up to 60fps, 4444 up to 80fps and 422 HQ/422/422 LT up to 120fps.

The camera records on CFexpress Type B cards
The camera records on CFexpress Type B cards. Source: RED

After ditching their proprietary Mini Mag system with the adoption of CFast 2.0 for the original KOMODO, RED is now walking away from this media standard in favour of a single CFexpress Type B slot, which is already in use on the V-RAPTOR cameras.

Redesigned body and I/O array

Although the form factor of KOMODO-X looks almost identical to that of the original model, the company introduced significant changes to the design of the body to further enhance the camera’s operability.

KOMODO and KOMODO-X share exactly the same height and width. However, “X” is slightly longer at the back to accomodate a built-in vertical V-mount battery plate that replaces the dual NP-F slot of the original KOMODO.

RED KOMODO-X (top view)
RED KOMODO-X (top view). Source: RED

Moreover, compared to the standard model, the I/O array of the camera has been completely redesigned. Now, in typical V-RAPTOR fashion, all the input and output ports are vertically aligned on the rear right side of the body and include:

  • a single 12G SDI port;
  • a 5-pin mini XLR audio input, replacing the 3.5mm microphone jack;
  • a 3.5mm headphone jack;
  • a 9-pin EXT port for optional modules and breakout boxes;
  • a 6-pin DC IN port (11-17V), similar to that of DSMC2 and V-RAPTOR cameras, which replaces the 2-pin power input;
  • a newly-added USB-C port for camera control, video preview, media offloading and 1080p live streaming;
  • a Wi-Fi antenna.
RED KOMODO-X I/O array. Source: RED

What’s interesting is that, although the camera still retains a single SDI output and the top LCD screen for monitoring, the pogo pins on top of the body are now compatible with the DSMC3 7” touchscreen monitor that RED designed in partnership with SmallHD.

On the front side, the Canon RF mount of KOMODO-X now features a locking ring to secure the lens in place, while a fresh front recording button provides a more accessible option compared to the start/stop trigger on the right side of the body.

Furthermore, the direction of the thermal management system has been reversed. Fresh air now enters the camera from the operator’s side and comes out hot on the opposite side of the body. A small, but welcome improvement.

New RED accessories

Along with KOMODO-X, RED also unveiled a few new camera accessories, including the long-awaited RF to PL Electronic ND Adapter. Just like the existing standard RF to PL adapter, this new lens mount offers solid titanium construction, is shimmable, supports Cooke’s i/ lens data and comes in two flavors with dedicated support brackets for either KOMODO/KOMODO-X or V-RAPTOR bodies.

RED KOMODO PL to RF Electronic ND Filter Adapter Pack
RED KOMODO PL to RF Electronic ND Filter Adapter Pack. Source: RED

The major difference is that this new version integrates the same electronic ND filter system of the flagship V-RAPTOR XL. The intensity of the ND filter ranges from 2 up to 7 stops of ND and is adjustable in precise 1/4, 1/3 or full stop increments. A clear filter is also provided if you don’t need filtration. According to RED, there’s no back focus shift when switching between filters.

RED Compact Top Handle
RED Compact Top Handle. Source: RED

Lastly, the company launched a new top handle as well as a compact V-mount battery. The Compact Top Handle comes with additional mounting points for accessories, a 15mm rod monitor mount and camera trigger capabilities. On the other hand, the REDVOLT NANO-V, designed in partnership with Core SWX, is a tiny V-mount battery with a rugged design. It measures 66x88x44mm, weighs 288g/0.63lbs and has a maximum capacity of 49Wh.


Price and availability

All these new RED products are shipping today. As of now, only the white “Stormtrooper” version of RED KOMODO-X is available for order for $9,995. Pricing for the accessories is as follows:

For more information, please visit RED’s website here.

What do you think of the new RED KOMODO-X? Does it have all the features you’ve been waiting for? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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