RØDE Releases Four New Accessories for Wireless GO and VideoMic

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RØDE Releases Four New Accessories for Wireless GO and VideoMic

RØDE launched four new accessories for the Wireless GO and VideoMic microphones. The DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount and the SC11 Y-Splitter Cable for connecting two 3.5mm outputs to a single 3.5mm input. Furthermore, the SC10 – TRRS to TRRS Cable, and SC16 USB-C Cable to connect the RØDE microphones to a variety of devices.

The Australian company RØDE is known for its various audio solutions for filmmakers. The company is now launching four useful accessories for its VideoMic range of on-camera microphones and for its popular Wireless GO system. Let’s take a short look at them.

RØDE DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount

The DCS-1 is a dual cold shoe mount for mounting two microphones or cold shoe accessories onto a device with a single cold shoe. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, it should be quite sturdy and discreet. The DCS-1 is compatible with all RØDE products with a cold shoe adaptor. It also features handy cable management slots for selected RØDE cables​.

DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Adapter. Source: RØDE

RØDE SC11 Y-Splitter Cable

The SC11 is a TRS Y-splitter cable for connecting two mono 3.5mm outputs to a single stereo 3.5mm input. The idea behind it is to connect two microphones to a single 3.5mm connector on-camera. An example of use could be two Wireless GO receivers, or a wireless GO receiver and a VideoMic shotgun microphone. The SC11 is 275mm (10.8”) long.

SC11 Y-Splitter Cable. Source: RØDE

RØDE SC10 – TRRS to TRRS Cable

The SC10 is a 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS cable designed to connect on-camera microphones to DSLR or mirrorless cameras or mobile devices. It features an ultra-flexible cable segment for optimal shock mount performance, coupled to a reinforced cable segment for routing around the camera. This is the same cable that comes with the RØDE VideoMic NTG and is now sold separately. The SC10 cable is 321mm (12.6”) long. It is compatible with the cable management slots in the RØDE SM7-R and DCS-1 mounts.

SC10 TRRS to TRRS Cable. Source: RØDE

RØDE SC16 – USB-C Cable

The SC16 is a simple USB-C to USB-C cable designed to connect RØDE microphones with a USB-C output to USB-C devices. The cable features an in-built cable grip that is compatible with the VideoMic NTG shock mount cable management system. It can be, therefore, used for connecting the VideoMic NTG to Android devices. It is also compatible with the Wireless GO and NT-USB Mini microphones. The SC16 is 300mm (11.8 in) long.

SC16 USB-C Cable. Source: RØDE

Price and Availability

All new products are available for purchase right now. The retail prices look quite affordable:

  • DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount – $15 / €14 (plus VAT)
  • SC11 Y-Splitter Cable – $15 / €14 (plus VAT)
  • SC10 TRRS to TRRS Cable – $25 / €19 (plus VAT)
  • SC16 USB-C Cable – $15 / €11 (plus VAT)
New Accessories for Wireless GO and VideoMic. Source: RØDE

What do you think about the newly announced RØDE accessories? Do you use RØDE microphones for your work? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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