Rosco MIXBOOK – A Digital Swatchbook

November 1st, 2019 Jump to Comment Section
Rosco MIXBOOK - A Digital Swatchbook

Rosco has announced a very intriguing little device. The MIXBOOK is a digital swatchbook that enables users to pre-visualize their gel and LED colors.

MIXBOOK (Image source: Rosco)

Conventional swatchbooks has been a good way of communicating what color gel one may require for a certain situation. A physical book of gel samples gives you a quick and easy way of shifting through different options.

Rosco is offering up a digital alternative, the MIXBOOK is a matchbox-sized device with an LED that can emit the full gamut of available gels from Rosco.

Designed using the same LED technology as ROSCO DMG Lumiere lights to ensure consistency across the entire range.

MIXBOOK works alongside the MyMix app, you can quickly navigate through values within the app to find your desired color, and the LED lights up to give a visual representation.

If you work with the wide Rosco range, DMG Lumiere fixtures also benefit from color control through the MyMix app.

MIXBOOK connects via Bluetooth and is chargeable via micro USB. All the specs look promising – CRI average of 95, TLCI-II of 90, flicker free to 200 i/s etc (full data sheet found here).

You would naturally expect this device to perform flawlessly from a light quality perspective.

I can certainly see advantages of actually testing emitting light on a compact device.

Flicking through colors on RGB fixtures with a gaffer, or discussing physical swatches relies on having your crew present and good natural light.

The key here is pre-viz – you can take MIXBOOK alone on a recce or ahead of setups and test colors on location in dark environments/alongside existing fixtures.

Suggested retail price is $99, no information on availability yet.

What do you think of this little gadget? Let us know in the comments below.

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