Sachtler aktiv Tripod Heads Announced

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Sachtler aktiv are a new line of fluid video heads. All four new models – aktiv6, aktiv8, aktiv8T, and aktiv10 – feature SpeedLevel and SpeedSwap technology to enable much faster adjustments. Supported payload is between 0 and 12kg (8kg for the aktiv6) and the price starts at $1,525.

The German company Sachtler, part of Vitec Group, is known mostly for tripods and tripod heads. In recent years, the company introduced innovative Flowtech 75 and 100 tripods with a unique locking mechanism allowing for fast adjustments.

Now, Sachtler launches a new line of fluid video heads with the emphasis on speedy adjustments – Sachtler aktiv. Let’s take a short look at their features and specs.

Sachtler Aktiv Fluid Video Heads – 4 Models

Sachtler’s new video heads are available in four models:

  • Sachtler aktiv6 – 75mm bowl, 0-8kg payload
  • Sachtler aktiv8 “side load” – 75mm bowl, 0-12kg payload
  • Sachtler aktiv8 “touch and go” – 75mm bowl, 0-12kg payload
  • Sachtler aktiv10 – 100mm bowl, 0-12kg payload

The heads feature 15 levels of counterbalance and 7 levels of drag settings (aktiv6 only 3 levels). The new aktiv heads are designed as successor models to the FSB line, so the older FSB6, FSB8, and FSB10 heads will be discontinued. Only the smaller FSB4 will stay in the range.

The heads were created to match the quick workflow with Sachtler’s Flowtech tripods. They feature so-called SpeedLevel and SpeedSwap technology that allows camera operators to quickly mount, level, and lock the head and to switch quickly from a tripod, slider, or hand-held shots.


SpeedLevel technology replaces time-consuming bowl clamps. It allows operators to release, level, and lock the head tightly into the desired position by simply lifting a lever. Additionally, with no bowl clamp required, aktiv heads can get lower to the ground (up to 23cm/9″, when paired with Flowtech tripods) to get a better low-angle shot.

Sachtler aktiv heads – SpeedLevel. Source: Vitec Group

There is an illuminated PrismBubble visible both from above and the side, making leveling easier even when the camera is positioned above the operator.


The SpeedSwap feature enables users to quickly switch the camera between a tripod or a slider to save time when working under time-pressure. It will be available for all aktiv heads. There are two accessories that enable the SpeedSwap feature.

Sachtler aktiv heads – SpeedSwap. Source: Vitec Group

The head/slider aktiv adaptor can mount aktiv 75mm fluid heads with SpeedSwap base on a slider with 3/8” mounting stud or any other product with 3/8” attachment.

The slider/tripod aktiv adaptor can quickly mount a slider on a 75 mm tripod with SpeedSwap. It also includes a sideload plate.

Price and Availability

The Sachtler aktiv fluid head range can now be pre-ordered now. The shipping should start in November 2020.

The Sachtler aktiv6 head will cost $1,525 (around €1,290), both aktiv8 and aktiv8T will retail for $1,965 (around €1,680), and finally the largest aktiv10 head will cost $2,550 (around €2,200). They will, of course, also be available in a set with Sachtler Flowtech tripods.

When it comes to price of the SpeedSwap accessories, the head/slider adaptor will cost $60 (€55) and the slider/tripod adaptor will sell for $450 (€400).

What do you think about the Sachtler aktiv line of fluid heads? Do you use Flowtech tripods for your work? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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