Saramonic SPRX9 Wireless Microphone Receiver/Mixer – Professional Wireless audio on Smartphones

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Saramonic is launching the Saramonic SPRX9, a wireless microphone receiver, created to bring professional wireless UHF recording to smartphones. It works with the existing line Sarmanonic UwMic9 transmitters and provides lots of connectivity options for smartphones. We had a closer look.

The Saramonic SPRX9 can be used with two wireless UHF (ultra high frequency) lavalier microphone transmitters from the UwMic9 series simultaneously, providing mixing for the two separate channels, that will stay intact and separated when recording to iPhones.
The receiver will come in a handy kit, with connectivity options for smartphones: Lightning cable and a 3.5mm mini jack. Additionally there will be an mini XLR to XLR adapter included in the kit, that will provide phantom power to use your professional microphone with your smartphone. The Saramonic SPRX9 will also be able to output sound via 3.5mm mini jack and Micro USB.
The receiver’s size will fit the backside of a modern smartphone nicely and comes in at just 234g. It has an internal battery, that can be charged via a 5V DC input or USB-C. Signal to noise ratio is rather favorable at 70dB+, with distortion pretty low at 0.5% or less. Voice delay is 12ms.
Here’s an overview:

  • Wireless UHF receiver for smartphones
  • Works with Saramonic UwMic9 line of mics
  • Two separate channels with mixing, which stay intact when outputting to iPhone
  • 3 cables included for Lightning, USB-C and 3.5mm mini jack connection
  • Output via 3.5mm mini jack and Micro USB
  • Phantom powered mini XLR, with XLR adapter included, to connect professional XLR mics to the receiver
  • Internal battery with USB-C charging
  • Signal to noise ratio 70dB+
  • Distortion < 0.5%
  • Voice delay 12ms

The Saramonix SPRX9 will be available in about a month’s time, pricing will be announced on Saramonic’s website.
Will you step up your audio game when working with your smartphone with the Saramonic SPRX9? Let us know in the comments!


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