SHOTDECK iOS App Launched – a Movie Stills Library for iPhone and iPad

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SHOTDECK iOS App Launched - a Movie Stills Library for iPhone and iPad

ShotDeck, the online database of movie stills where users can create ‘decks’ and share references with their team, has officially released an iOS app with almost the same functionalities as the desktop version. For non-iOS users, an Android app is also being developed.

ShotDeck is a collaborative online tool for filmmakers, creatives, film students, etc. Founded by Oscar-nominated cinematographer and director Lawrence Sher, ASC, as a solution to his needs, Shotdeck consists of a database of high-definition movie images. It works as a helpful library when looking for references or a visual style in the preproduction stage, and we have used it when trying to color grade an image, matching it to an existing movie still, for example.

ShotDeck offers a library with more than 5000 titles. Source: ShotDeck

A movie stills library in your smartphone and your tablet

With the new release as an iOS app, ShotDeck becomes the first image database with both a mobile and tablet app. With ShotDeck, we can create image ‘decks’ and share them with our team, ensuring everyone is on the same page – thanks to a massive database of keywords introducing us to filmmakers we may not have previously known. The good news is that we can do it now on the go, with more than one million images available from more than 5000 films, TV shows, and music videos. For those who want to study the cinematography details, the shots are tagged with information like aspect ratio, lighting, camera and lens used, shooting location, etc. 

Lawrence Sher, DoP of Joker and The Hangover Trilogy started ShotDeck in 2014 as a passion project that was officially launched in 2021, quickly becoming a community of directors, cinematographers, designers, film students, and visual artists who were looking for references for their projects. 

The new iOS app adds a new feature, the ‘Discover’ page, offering movie suggestions curated by ShotDeck’s team. Most of the other desktop version functionalities are available, including the color picker tool, where we can specify an RGB value and get shots from the library with the same HEX code. The ‘Similar Shots’ feature is also available, using AI analysis to show us similar images to a specific image source. 

The iOS app offers almost the same functions as the desktop version. – Source: ShotDeck

Price and availability

With the Android version still under development, the ShotDeck iOS app is now available in the Apple app store, and you can subscribe for a two-week trial on After that, you can subscribe yearly for $99.95 or monthly for $12.95. 

What do you think of the ShotDeck iOS app? Have you used ShotDeck or a similar app for your projects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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